My thoughts and I right now!I

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Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



never thought that fear could have a hold on me…

Until now…

My thoughts are constantly busy with conversations we had…

With an image of you and your powerful eyes that could connect with mine…

With your unique fragrance that was still on me days after we saw each other…

With the 4 cups of midnight-coffee in your car…

With the straw heart that must be there, with you, somewhere!

With the one memory that we built together- the one I actually laugh about, but blows my mind!!

With our first and final kiss…

With your breath… running down my neck…

With your secret touch that makes me shiver!


I wanted to delay this rejection for as long as time would let me to…

But…it just couldn’t carry on like this… I understand!

Is your heart also broken like mine?

I know I did you wrong! I know I had a choice! And I know you don’t believe that it’s fear’s fault!

I know, forever I’ll wonder… forever I’ll regret this decision!

I have this image… it’s you and I … together… after 5 years when we met again one night out of the blue!

Is this wrong? Did I have my chance and let it slip away?

Should this only be a dream? Or should I believe?

Oh please just speak your mind in a kind way…

If it’s true… let me know that you’ll always love me!


Because……… I will always love you !!!



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