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we are living the wrong way!!!!
we must grab life with both hands!!

Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008




Hi, this is Pete speaking;who isthis!?


Thisis Suzy…

Oh,sorry wrong number!!




Hello,who is this?

It’s Suzy…


I’m sorry, this is Pete again…

Hi there,can I help you?!


No, I mean yes; no… I called again because there’s something about your voice…something special…!?




Sometimes things happen…

Sometimes things don’t!

Sometimes people don’t understand…

Like now…maybe the one reading this(you) don’t understand what’s going on, or you think this is stupid…

Life is not fair

Life  is not just a game…


Life is not just a word…

It is not just the letters: L.I.F.E!

Some people have it really hard,some don’t!

L-> Love; most of the time love is the main thing that causes sadness, but it also brings happiness!!


I-> Integrity; the quality that you must have to get far in life!!


F-> Friendship; you can’t go through life without having friends or being a friend !


E-> Eagerness; without this, you can’t grab life with both hands!!




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