we became one

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i gave myself to him and he didn't appreciate it at all!!!

Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008



“I love you for ever and ever, baby!!”

those words I really meant; not just maybe!


I were a fool…thought you really love me;

But now I realize I were blind and didn’t want to see!!


All this time I were the only one in this relationship;

I were the only one who fought through this dip!


I wish you could understand the hell you are putting me through;

And to top everything…you now left me-the one  who actually had faith in you!


I feel so betrayed…

I gave up my values that I’ve had since a little girl(because I love you)

I gave myself to you for love’s sake, and now I realize yours was all out of lust!


I wish a year ago, I knew what I know now!!

I fell for you,don’t know why,but did somehow!!


I trusted you…thought you will stay by my side;

For ten months you only took me for a ride!!


I thought you are THE ONE!

Before I knew it; we were done!


You just threw in the towel and after a month I’m still fighting,

But you don’t want anything to do with me!


I don’t understand, I don’t know why…

The same day you left me, you told me that you will never leave me…

I don’t  know what is going on!!


I am torn apart and don’t know how to move on!!

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