the worry and emptiness when your husband is a fireman and oneday he doesn't return to home!!

Why did you have to leave?

  Was there nothing more you could give?

  Why did you have to go?

Didn’t my smile have enough glow?


For months I had hoped, that you will return…

  But all I had left of you; was our little “love-fern”

  I begged you not to go!

But you didn’t listen, not even when my tears couldn’t stop to flow!


I miss you in a way I can’t describe,

  I miss you in a way a wedding would miss the bride!

  Why did it happen to me?

Why couldn’t you just see!


The fire, that night…

  So big, it gave the whole city some light!

  I waited for that knock on the door,

And when I open, it won’t be your feet on the porch floor!


You’re gone…

  My life has no meaning!

  But I have to be good, so that I can be with you up there, when it’s my time!

I will love you, always and forever!!!


Submitted: June 02, 2008

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