An Evening With Isoc

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A few hours in the life of a man and his family in the future.

An Evening With Isoc

Life was good to Isoc. He had a beautiful wife, a great house, and no job. Best of all, tonight there was a big soccer game about to come on that he had been looking forward to all week. But first, it was time for dinner.

Isoc walked into the dining room where his wife, Asterisk, was getting ready for dinner. She sat in a chair with an elbow resting on the table and her feet resting on another chair. In her hand was her phone, on which she skimmed through various dinner choices.

“What do you want for dinner?” she asked without lifting her eyes.

“Quadruple bacon potato cheeseburger,” Isoc replied without hesitation.

Now she looked up, frowning a bit.

“Okay, triple,” said Isoc compromisingly.

Isoc pulled out his own phone and went to the home page of his favorite team, the Viruses. He was a loyal team supporter. He could tell you every player that had been on the Viruses for the last twenty years and who scored each goal in every game this season. On Mondays, when uniforms for Saturday’s game were unveiled, he immediately ordered one, which was what he had on now.

The food arrived and Isoc texted Ksiretsa to tell her dinner was ready. She came in from the next room, music playing in her ears, eyes glued to her phone, and sat down at her usual seat.

Isoc ate his triple bacon potato cheeseburger while looking through pregame articles. Asterisk, who was a carbless vegan, was eating a cucumber sandwich with cabbage bread and drinking a glass of eighty-proof red wine. Ksiretsa, like many kids her age, was a hyper vegan, meaning she would only eat vegetables and sugary foods. So she had a bowl of Sugar Dolphins, which was nothing but little chunks of sugar carved into the shape of those friendly sea creatures. It was originally intended to be a cereal but so many people just passed on the milk these days.

Once his burger was all gone, Isoc stood up and announced, “I’ve got a soccer game tonight so I’ll have the TV room for the next couple hours.”

“Have a nice time dear,” said Asterisk.

“What will you be doing?”

“I’ve got an ONS coming over tonight.”

“Who is he?”

“A Norwegian guy I met this afternoon.”

Isoc was confused. “Where is Norwegian?”

“Norway. It’s in northern Europe.”

“Northern Europe,” Isoc whispered in wonder to himself. Then he got on his phone to find out where exactly Norway was. When he found it, he let out a whistle. “That’s way up there. Is it true it gets down to fifty degrees there?”

“Forty in winter.”

Isoc folded his arms and shivered exaggeratingly. “You be careful honey. You might turn to ice as soon as he touches you.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she replied with a smirk. “The two of us are going to make a lot of heat up there.”

Isoc thought about what she had said for a moment before saying, “alright, have a good time.” He then turned to say goodbye to Ksiretsa but all he saw was an empty bowl and chair, which didn’t surprise him. She had a knack for disappearing without anyone noticing.

The TV room was the largest room in the house. There were no windows. A recliner in the center of the room was the only thing on the floor. The entire north wall was taken up by the TV screen. It was programmed to turn on at game time which was still a few minutes away.

Up until a year ago, he never thought it would be possible for a guy like him to have such a big house and a beautiful wife. But Asterisk changed his negative way of thinking the day they met. It was almost a year ago. They had been paired up in an online matching service. After a few days of communicating back and forth, they met face to face.

“Why is a beautiful woman like you interested in a man like me?” he had asked her.

“Because I can see you being as beautiful as me,” she replied gently. “Where others see a large crooked nose, I see a smaller one, perfectly shaped. Where others see a bumpy spotted face, I see one that’s flawless.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I’m talking about plastic surgery.”

“That’s expensive. Especially for the work I would need.”

In reply, she gave him a warm smile, a careless shrug, and said just above a whisper, “I’m rich.”

“You are?”

“My third husband was quite wealthy. He died of old age while we were married and left everything to me.”

Isoc stared at her in amazement. “That’s wonderful.”

“Every girl’s dream.”

“Are you sure the surgery will work?”

“It worked for me. I’m forty.” Isoc’s jaw almost detached from his face and fell to the floor. She looked like she was nineteen.

That’s why their marriage worked. She couldn’t tell anyone her real age and he couldn’t tell anyone about his natural looks. They kept each other’s secrets and showed themselves off to the world as a beautiful young couple.

The game started with the Viruses getting the ball and moving down the field. The players – and Isoc – were wearing white jerseys with a big blue letter calligraphic V on the front and a blue and white X pattern on the back. Isoc much preferred the previous week’s unis and wished they would wear them again. But rarely did a team ever wear the same uni twice in one season.

Knowing there wouldn’t be any scoring in the first few minutes, he got back on his phone and checked out the news. The top headline read “’S ifo OR”. Isoc was pleased to see that. Like the president, he was also in favor of obese rights. Last week, the head of an anti-OR group delivered a hate speech, suggesting the morbidly obese should exercise their way into a slimmer, healthier figure. The public was appalled by his outdated thinking. Not only was exercise dangerous and a form of abuse if forced upon someone, but also the idea that being thin was a sign of health and beauty had long ago been abandoned.

The obese had come a long way. It used to be that airplane seats were too small to hold their bodies. In one dark period of the nation’s history, they were made to pay for two seats if they couldn’t fit into one. Fortunately, the government stepped in and forced the greedy airline companies to order all new airplanes with seats wide enough to hold anyone. The companies complained about the cost of the new planes but like ‘S always said, equality comes before profit.

Now, the president was taking on the car companies who, he argued, were denying people the right to drive with their cramped models. Isoc respected anyone, regardless of their size, who could operate an automobile. He had tried it once in his younger days but the experience frightened him and to this day, refused to even ride as a passenger in any moving vehicle. The whole idea of ordinary citizens moving those big heavy machines at such high speeds seemed so barbaric. In some of the more forward thinking places, the practice was in the process of being banned. Isoc couldn’t wait for a similar ban to take place where he lived. Maybe then, he would feel safe enough to wander outside of his home.

The alarm sounded, signaling that someone was nearing the goal. Isoc looked up just in time to see the ball soar through the air, just out of the goalkeeper’s reach, and into the net. Jumping to his feet and throwing a fist into the air, Isoc let out a howl as the Viruses took an early 1-0 lead.

After a brief celebration, he got back on his phone and watched a video of the president’s speech. President Apostrophe Sheridan was still in his first year in office. His name was always written as ‘S but spoken as A-Posh, both an abbreviation of his first and last names and a reference to his style. He was a sharp dresser with a great hair, which was instrumental in defeating the incumbent in the previous year’s election. The last president – whose name Isoc could not remember – had hair that was three years out of fashion. The people couldn’t trust a man who couldn’t keep his hair in a modern style to run a modern country. Also, he was over forty when he went up for reelection. It was hard for anyone to win a second term these days – no matter how stunning their appearance was – because no one wanted a forty year old geezer representing the nation.

‘S, like Asterisk, came from a generation known as the Punctuationals. The name Apostrophe was given to individuals whose mothers expected them to be leaders. The reasoning was that because an apostrophe was used to bring two words together to be spoken more quickly and written using fewer letters, an individual of that name would have the ability to bring two sides together to work more efficiently. Having this name was also a factor in ‘S getting elected. His campaign slogan was ‘He’s the One’.

Asterisk was given her name because she was ‘born to be a star’. Though she was proud to carry this name, it was a burden for others. In her day, it was the most common first name and most of them did not become stars. As a result, depression and suicide were common for people named Asterisk.

That naming system had ended by the time Isoc was born. At the time of his birth, children were name after the mother’s feeling right after delivery. Immediately after he was born, the nurse asked his mother how she felt, to which she replied, “in a state of confusion”. The phrase was abbreviated and became his given name.

Children of Ksiretsa’s generation were given their mother’s name backwards, often resulting in an awkward pronunciation. For that reason, Ksiretsa always went by the nickname Kissy. Names didn’t have as much importance nowadays anyway. Anyone born today could be expected to change their name at least a dozen times in the future.

The Viruses went on to win 11-8. A look at the message boards revealed both pleasure and displeasure. Most fans were just glad to get a win and expressed their approval. Others complained about the low score, arguing that it might be time to reduce the field size and widen the goals again. One feeling everyone shared was their dislike of the uniforms. Calls for the team’s fashion designer to be fired were increasing weekly.

Now the real fun began. Isoc posted his usual postgame message: “TIME TOO SPRED THE VIRUS”.

And with a click on the riot cam, it was soon obvious that the fans were already hard at work. A car was being pushed over. A fire was burning in the middle of the street. Rocks were being thrown through windows. Virus fans could tear up the streets like no one else.

Isoc rose from his seat and began mimicking their actions as he watched them on his phone. As a long time Virus supporter, he often dreamed of being not a player but a rioter. Wreaking havoc on the city’s streets would give him such a thrill.

The riots made the preceding game more exciting too. The bigger the win, the greater the destruction afterwards. Tonight’s game was one the Viruses were expected to win with little effect on the standings so the rioting would probably end by midnight with only a little damage and no fatalities, much to Isoc’s disappoint.

A reply to his post appeared. “just dont spred thos ugly unis. ur teem is a joke”

Isoc was boiling with anger. FUK OFF AND DIE I HOP EVRY PLAYR ON UR TEEM DIEZ IN A PLAN CRASH,” he replied.

A quick check of the repliers profile showed that he was a fan of the opposing team and only had this account for three months. Imagine the nerve of this guy, thought Isoc. He’s only been on here for three months and he’s insulting a senior member like me. This idiot needs to show some respect.

“feel free too jump in the fire LOOSER,” dedlyvirus117 commented to the opposing fan.

That made Isoc smile. dedlyvirus117 was his best friend. They had been members for years and chatted everyday about their favorite team.

At exactly ten o’clock, a music program appeared on the TV and Ksiretsa arrived on cue. On the screen, an attractive teen boy was dancing and lip syncing. When Isoc was a kid, musical artists sang a little with the aid of electronics to modify their voices. Today, all singing – from rapping to high-pitched screams – was computer-generated. The boy in this video really wasn’t necessary but people still wanted to see someone move their hips and lips.

Another difference was the length of the songs. During Isoc’s childhood, ninety second songs were common. Nowadays, they never reached the minute mark. He still enjoyed his ‘minute marathons’ but was careful not to listen to his old music around Ksiretsa out of fear she might think he wasn’t cool. She preferred her chorus compilations, where she could listen to just the ten second chorus of one song before moving on to the next one.

Isoc left the TV room quickly and quietly, careful to give Ksiretsa her privacy. The last time he had stayed in there too long, she started yelling and threw a pair of scissors at him. That had made him worried but Asterisk assured him it was just normal adolescent rebellion. Besides, he had been in the wrong for not respecting her privacy and giving her enough space.

There was no need to worry about how Kissy would turn out. Not with the great mother she had. She was already the most popular girl in her class but her mother would not let her get too comfortable with that. Asterisk was very popular in her day so she knew how easily the most popular girl could be usurped so she made sure to keep her daughter ahead of the others.

Kissy had a tattoo on her leg done with an expensive imported ink. Once a week, she visited an upscale tattoo parlor to have it updated. Every Monday when she arrived at school, all eyes were on her legs to see what changes had been made.

She was the first girl in her class to go to school fully accued. The other parents were too worried about the dangers of sending their children to school with a face full of needles but Asterisk knew the benefits outweighed the risks. It was never anything distasteful like the tiny syringes or sexual organs that some college kids were putting on their faces. Kissy always showed up with a colorful pattern that lit up the room, in stark contrast to the boring colorless faces of the rest of the student body.

 And best of all, she was beautiful. All of her slight imperfections had been taken care of by her plastic surgeon at a very young age. So as far as anyone at her school knew, she was naturally perfect.

She was a product of Asterisk’s second marriage. Ksiretsa’s father was an attractive man with a beautiful mother and sister. Unfortunately, he was also quite poor. Asterisk had married him for the specific purpose of producing a beautiful baby girl. As soon as she became pregnant, she ended the marriage and began her pursuit of a wealthy man.

Isoc wished he could be there in a few years when she started high school so he could do all the father things – listen to her music, follow her to parties, maybe develop a crush on one of her friends. Just being a cool teenager again. But that wasn’t going to happen. That was too long to expect to be married to one person. Hopefully, one of his future wives would have a teenage daughter so he could experience that dream before he got too old.

The Norwegian had already left by the time Isoc made it up to the bedroom, which was a little disappointing. He liked to meet Asterisk’s ONSs but they always got dressed and hurried out as soon as it was over. He couldn’t blame them. Some husbands were didn’t like that their wife was sleeping with another man even though the man was almost always sleeping with other women. It was so weird. Isoc could understand that way of thinking back in the day of STDs but there was no need to stick to one partner now.

Asterisk was lying on the bed, fully nude, eyes shut but wide awake.

“How was the Swede?” inquired Isoc with interest.

His naked wife breathed in through her nose and a big smile appeared. “Wonderful,” she whispered.

“You look even more satisfied than usual.”

“A-Posh himself couldn’t have done better.”

“Does Kissy know what you do with these guys up here?”

“Of course. I told her all about it. She’s not a little girl anymore. Before we know it she’ll be thirteen and doing the exact same thing.”

That’s why Isoc never worried about their daughter. Asterisk always told her the most important things.

“Who’s your next ONS?” asked Isoc.

“Asterisk opened her eyes, with a hint of frustration in them. “I’m not sure. I’ll go out and look tomorrow and see if I can find a man to make a date with for next week.”

“How about a woman?”

“That would be nice but I’d have to take a number. For an attractive one, anyways.”

Isoc sent her a sly grin, then pulled up a picture on his phone and showed it to her. “What do you think of her?”

Asterisk sat up and admired the picture. “She’s beautiful. Who is she?”

“Look a little closer.”

She studied the picture for a few seconds before realization hit. “It’s you!”

Isoc nodded proudly. “I talked to the doctor this morning. He said if we start tomorrow, I can look like this by next Friday. What do you say?”

“How long are you going to look like that?”

Isoc shrugged. “Until we get bored of it.”

“What if we never get bored of it?”

Another shrug. “I can handle it if you can.”

“Let’s do it.” Asterisk moved a little closer to her husband and showed her appreciation with a little kiss. “Do you want me to change anything?”

Isoc looked his wife over. From her beautiful eyes, across her large breasts, down her smooth legs, all the way to her toes. “Can you transform yourself into an animated woman?”

Asterisk shook her head apologetically. “Sorry.”

Isoc returned the kiss. “Then you don’t need to change anything. Good night.”

“Good night.”

As Asterisk closed her eyes and tried to sleep, Isoc got on his phone and started chatting with his girlfriend, Annasexia. He was actually glad Asterisk was unable to animate herself. There was no way any living breathing woman could satisfy all his various and ever-changing sexual desires. With Annasexia, he could change her face, hair, body, age, personality, gender, you name it. He first created her about six months ago and spent a couple hours a day programming her to his satisfaction. Now she was perfect. She was with him every night and would follow him into his next marriage.

That was something he had a hard time thinking about. He was happy being married to Asterisk but wasn’t naïve enough to think it could go on much longer. They had already been married for almost a year and now he was resorting to changing himself into a woman to spice up their marriage one last time before they throw in the towel. Besides, Asterisk needed a young man and Isoc was approaching thirty.

But thanks to her, Isoc was now an attractive man. He would certainly be able to marry an older woman again, hopefully another rich one. As long as she didn’t try to come between Annasexia and him.

Eventually, he will get older and won’t be able to attract older women anymore. Before that happens, he’ll find out what it is he really wants to do in life. Then he’ll be rich and won’t need a wife anymore so he can spend his remaining days alone with Annasexia.

Life was good to Isoc.


Submitted: December 15, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Tino Myren. All rights reserved.

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