Crucible Poem

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A poem I wrote after reading The Crucible. Hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: June 15, 2008

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Submitted: June 15, 2008



In the quiet town of Salem,

Lies an interred mystery.

A new wind blows from the east,

That will break the harmony.

The farmers work the land,

On their endless fields of grain.

As a priest comes down to Salem,

To dethrone Satan from it’s reign.

And so we enter devil’s den,

Dim the lights, act curtain open.


Never louder then a hush,

Through the streets it did rush.

Then it rung out with a shriek,

That made the women’s knee’s go weak.

The suspected go on trial,

The town bereft of any smile.

Those accused accuse another,

Families cry “Goode-Bye” to mother.

Enter town’s respected man,

All hope shouts “He’ll form a plan!”


At first that is just what he did,

Until his life went up for bid.

With crafty words they tore him down,

He bore their lies like thorny crown.

They told him that his end was near,

He must confess, he mustn’t fear.

For it was at Satan’s bell he rung,

Confess not and he’ll be hung.

They tempt him so, yet he denies,

He will not be part of their lies.

Thus they cover his grave with roses,

We leave the den, act curtain closes.

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