Proving 'Em Right

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Story of how I tend to feel

Submitted: September 23, 2010

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Submitted: September 23, 2010



Making Choices

"Hey," the security guard threw a folder to another guard, "look at
this kids."

The second guard opened the folder stamped ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.
There was a photograph of a boy. A blank, expretionless face. Longish
hair covering his eyes. Purple hoddie, unzipped. Many wristbands of
different colours. The wrisbands were only visible due to the boys
action. He was ‘giving the bird’ to the photagrapher.

He shuffled through pages.

Psychologist's Personal Notations
Page One:

Parents and doctor feel he should see a therapist for a mental

By his looks, he and I will have a struggle. It's his type that make
me regret become a children's therapist instead of a lawer.

He is hesitant to show feelings and emotions. Monotone voice matching
my own. His only responses to any if my questions: no, yea, I guess,
maybe, I don't know.

Page Two:

Our second session. "Why are you hear" I ask.

His response was... remarkable.

"We wouldn't want them to be wrong, now would we?" he grinned.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

hoes response "Have you ever felt the need to kill? I have. I always
do."He left my office. I was stunned. Never in the ten years of being
a therapist, have I heard such a thing.

Perhaps I should have stopped him form leaving, but I seem to have
grown a sudden fear of him.

I believe this is a sign for a career change, or retirement.

"This kid is fucked up huh?" the Security guard said.

"Yea no kidding." the second guard continued his reading

Friend's Statment:

He went to her house and they talked a bit. They're former
relationship was brought up. An argument arised, but the two aren't
loud. She called him an ‘emo’ and said he cuts himself. He
responded to this by walking to her kitchen, grabbing a knife and
returning to her room. She was scared and asked what he was doing. He
said "Proving you right." he then slit his wrist.

Hospital Doctor's Statement:

Apperantly the parents bandaged his wrist. The said he needed to come
to the hospital for care, he didn't believe so. We stiched his wound and he was admited into
the hospital. I came to check on him but he was gone and there was a
trail of blood. I followed it to a second story balcony. He stood at
the edge with his wound opened again. I asked what he's doing. His
reply was "Proving them right." he walked of the edge and I ran to try
and get him. He was lying on the floor. His legs were broken.

The guard looked through more pages.

Art Teacher's Statment:

He had told me about some students that were walking behind him, had
said he's ‘suicidle’. He had come to my class, his seventh period.
He walked over to the large paper cutter. He lifted the handle with
the blade on it and stuck his head under it. I ran to him and
questined what he's doing. He said "he wouldn't want to prove them
. Then he puled the handle down. He's a good kid,
just has a lot of problem in his life.

"Can you believe it? That kids a psycho." the guard said.

The second guards reply, "He'd prove you right"

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