Lifeless Nook

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Short poem of two aging friends.

A young man told me he'd travel until the end of his days,
Though, a sad man he was, and as a sad man he stays.

Often he'd say, "I love the blue and green!"
I'd agree -- yet he'd respond, "You don't know what I mean!"

So time lead me on and far away from that friend,
That sad man who sadly talks of the places he'd never been.

When my hair was white and my body old and weak,
I decided to return home and that friend I would meet.

I came upon his house with a smile on my face,
And yelled at my friend to get out of that place!

With her hair grown white and her body old and weak,
His wife came out and spoke soft and sweet:

"He died long ago but greatly loved his wife,
Though, I feel for him now; he felt he wasted his life."

~ Tiss

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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