The Joyride

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A short story of an interesting event. Don't misunderstand. :)

Down, deep down at the bottom I was completely horizontal to the soft earth below me. Moving gradually with fluid motion up and down, as some would say like a worm, I held tightly upon a large, odd perpendicular obtrusion which so indefinitely held me.
I glanced behind and to the right, past my dangling, flowing legs, I could see the preparations well under way. Large nets were being put into position by my dear friends, which I hadn't really known.
I, being an observer not necessarily involved, had no clue on how they planned making such an outrageous idea work. I chuckled to myself. Wouldn't the real thing have been easier? Maybe even safer, I thought. But alas, this was fun!
I looked around, somewhat passively taking in my surroundings. There were schools, many of them, and all of them seemed quite educated with their instructions. Also, I saw many homes in this neighborhood; all belonging to many beings. As I scanned, still passively since my mind was more bent on how all this was going to work, I was abruptly brought to attention. What I had feared all along seemed to appear in the distance! Though, from here, could I be sure? I glanced back to my friends, taking note of their amazing progress for they had the first rider harnessed and set up. Then I glanced back with my fear gone along with what caused it. What was it again? I looked confusingly around. I couldn't remember! The only thing left from a moment ago, it seemed, was the schools, the homes, and an increased heart rate. Nothing else. What had caused my increased heart rate? Still the memory escaped me. Was that why I was uninvolved with the preparations? Was I a lookout? And had I seen what I'd been so cautiously looking for? I dismissed the thought and took another glance at my friends.
With a whooosh the first rider was sent high above me, his net fully inflated. There was a massive grin on his face along with spasms of his body which I assumed were the aggressive bouts of laughter, since I could only hear a muffled sound.
A smile formed upon my face in the rising anticipation of the completed joyride! Suddenly, I saw a flash of grey shoot past behind the laughing man who was now fifty or so feet above me. My smile vanished as I saw the form of my fear. The silhouetted figure in front of the sun was gone so fast though, could I be sure? Damn this caution! I thought. Better unsure to flee and come back than to stay here thinking the possibility of death was near! What the hell was wrong with me? We got to get out of here! I screamed inside my head.
I did the only thing I could to warn the others--I screeched loud and high pitched; the only sound I could think would reach everyone! Doing this may have saved their lives, but now mine was surely in danger. Probably sounded like a dieing dolphin! A tasty meal! I thought regretfully, though I had to warn them.
I let go of the obstruction holding me down and shot up. As I reached the top I noticed a woman. Had she been there the entire time and been unnoticed? No time to think! I had to leave. Get out of this place!
I could now see my fears had multiplied and the time to act was now. I moved as fast as I could to safety with fear on my heels. I made it! Unexpectedly, I made it!
The woman wasn't so lucky. Fear-externalized gripped her and pulled her. I couldn't let such a beauty die! I grabbed her and pulled her to safety but it was too late. Blood pooled around us as she died in my arms.
Sadly enough that was my last adventure with those friends down in the deep. Never will I try such foolish things again! Next time I'll jump out of a plane and soar through the air with a parachute instead of underwater with a net.

~ Tiss :)

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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