The Vampire Hunt Ball

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Nylora Levine and Vance and Wolf Levine,children of Aleister Levine the Great High Vampire.One night,Aleister planned a hunt ball to look for a new wife.That night,Nylora received a gift of a lifetime.

P.S.This is my first story and I KNOW it's only crap but please go easy on me.

Submitted: March 24, 2011

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Submitted: March 24, 2011



Aleister went for his hunt that night. Leaving Nylora and the twins, Vance and Wolf at the castle. Vance and Wolf were chilling in the main hall which was where the vampire throne was.Also where the statue of Rheia Levine lies. Nylora was in her coffin still, wishing she was human like Viktoria, their servant.Humans may sometimes be weak but that it was Nylora always wished for.

The next night,Aleister has called the three young vampires to the hall as they did.

''Why did you call us,Father?''Nylora said folding her arms which were wrapped in black ribbons all over. ''I just thought about planning a hunt ball.'' Aleister said in a brash way. ''Cool. A hunt ball.'' Wolf said. ''So,we will get a new stepmother.'' Vance continued. ''You're mad.'' Nylora said shocked.

''What's wrong,sis?''Wolf and Vance said. Nylora opened her mouth to show as if she WAS jealous,maybe. ''You NEED one,Nylora.''Aleister said. ''The three of you must become great vampires. And if possible, one of you might be the next Great High Vampire.''he added. ''You are seriously intending of giving the title to one of us?'' Wolf said overjoyed.He always seek to be the next Great High Vampire,as well as Vance. ''But, you're over 600 years old.'' Nylora said raising her eyebrows.

''But still. I became the Great High Vampire at the age of 400.'' said Aleister.''And you can be the Great High Vampire for only 200 years.''he added. Nylora and the twins nodded. ''So,Nylora. Make a list of all the vampires we know.''Aleister continued. ''Yes,Father.'' Nylora sighed as went on. ''What can WE do,Father?'' said Wolf and Vance. ''You lot can help Viktoria decorate the halls.''said Aleister.

Nylora was already in her study making the list. She especially liked Raven Callahan, the one who gave Nylora her first cape. She also liked Raven's niece,Memory Monaghan who was really sweet. Her second favourite is the family of Grimm. She liked their son,Grey.He was about 18.Nylora had an amazing memory. She remembers everyone.There are only about 12 single women whom she knows.

As for Viktoria and the twins,they were doing well. Vance and Wolf were only doing to impress their father to become the next Great High Vampire. Nylora came to help since she just finished the list. ''Ah,Nylora! Have you came to help?'' Viktoria said surprisingly. ''Yes.'' replied Nylora. ''So ,when is the hunt ball?'' asked Viktoria. ''It's three night's away.''Nylora said. ''Brilliant.I shall wear my best frock.''Viktoria said as she ran off to her room.

''And what are you lot wearing?'' Nylora asked Vance and Wolf.''Our best capes,of course. You should be happy to see Grey.'',Nylora was annoyed when they said that. ''Don't be dim.He's just a friend.As well as Draven Marshall.''said Nylora. Draven Marshall is another vampire Nylora admires a little bit. Both Draven and Grey are 18 year old.

The next night,Nylora was trying out the new frock her aunt,Belladonna made.Belladonna Levine and her 5-year-old daughter,Bliss were also coming to the ball.The frock was skinny, made of the best silk.With an old-fashioned bodice.And a new cape as well.Made with the softest velvet and silk.You were interrupted as Wolf opened your door. ''Sis.I have a question.''Wolf said confidently. ''What do you want?''Nylora sighed. ''Is it wrong for a child to dance with an adult?''asked Wolf. ''No.Not really.'' your eyes were looking from side to side.

''Ok,thank you.'' said Wolf and he left. Nylora thought about how daft it was.She used to dance with her father when she was about Wolf's age. There weren't much young children whom Nylora knows. Though,there WERE another twin, Forest and Forever Espelimbergo.Though,Vance and Wolf have never met them.Forest and Forever were also 8 years old.Nylora liked Forest and Forever because they behaved perfectly.

The stormy night of the hunt ball,the twins stood by the throne minding their own business,''I can't wait'' Vance said to Wolf. Viktoria was doing some of the finishing touches on the hall. The first guest,Luna Edwards arrived with deep make-up on her face.She was one of the single women the Levine's knew. Although,she secretly fell in love with Aleister. Aleister sat on his throne weaaring his greatest cape.

Nylora came to the hall wearing the frock Belladonna made her with her hair loosely tied in a ponytail.Belladonna was pleased when she arrived. ''Oh,Nylora.You look wonderful!''she said as she admires Nylora's appearence.''You look pretty,Nylora!'' Bliss joined in.

Many of the guest arrived at the same time,including the Marshalls and the Grimms'.Draven and Grey knew each other,as rivals.The crowd of vampires gather in the humongous hall,holding goblets filled with human blood. Forest and Forever were talking to Vance and Wolf.

Aleister clapped his hands for attention.Silence crossed the hall. ''I'd like to thank all of you for coming to this joyous hunt ball.I shall one of the women out there as my new wife.''he said. Nylora was hurt as he said 'as my new wife'.She still loved her mother,Rheia. Humans may sometimes be weak but that it was Nylora always wished for.

Nylora gave a short list of the women she recommends to her father. ''Father,I recommend you choose Luna Hale, Sonia Volture, Essence Moore, Babylon Cullen or Charice Arcado.''Nylora said as she points to each and one of the women she recommends.Even though she doesn't want a step mother. ''Hm.Who would YOU like as a step-mother,Nylora?''asked Aleister. ''Perhaps,Sonia Volture.''Nylora answered.Aleister clapped his hands twice.Silence ran across the hall.Aleister raised his goblet of human blood and said, ''Blood collections;convenient after midnight.'',and drank the blood.''Care for some,Nylora?''he asked as he approached the goblet to Nylora's cheek. ''No,thank you.''she said. ''Nylora.I don't want you to become a weak human.I want you to become a great vampire.''Aleister whispered to Nylora. Nylora wished to become a human more than blood.

After a while before Grey could ask Nylora to dance,Nylora was running across the hall. ''Nylora.''Grey said rushing after her. Nylora stopped and turned around.After she realized that is was Grey,tears rushed down her cheek. ''I'm sorry,Grey.''she whispered and carry on running.She went to the tower which no one has entered to a thousand years.She opened the door silently.The tower smelled of dirty water and spider webs. She slowly climbed up the creeking steps to the tower room.The tower room was where the old rusty bell was.

Meanwhile,Aleister was looking for Nylora with Belladonna.Grey came back catching his breathe. ''Grey,have you seen Nylora?''Aleister asked Grey worried. ''I saw her running towards the tower,though.''Grey answered. ''Could she...''Belladonna's words stopped. ''We must stop her.''Belladonna said.

Nylora was already in the tower room,the placed where her mother,Rheia Levine died.She picked up an old dagger from the wooden floor.Slowly,she plunged it through her heart and killed herself.Aleister,Belladonna and Grey were too late.She was lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood with the dagger still in her hand.Aleister had tears running down his cheek,saying over and over again ''This is my fault.''.Grey did the same.

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