Baby In Space part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Find out what adventure is in store for Preston aboard the Pardeen clipper.
Charles Dickens- I've been dead for a long time but if I wasn't I would sure be reading this. The tasty morsels keep coming, got to go, the Ghost of Christmas Vacation is here!! Ta ta!
Rolling Stone Magazine-
"I just can't believe it, a story about a baby in space has captured my heart.
Weird Al Yankovich-
"I could have curled up with a Twinkie weenier sandwich and read the whole thing! We need more Titus, finish it!

Baby In Space Chapter 3

Maimou sat at the top of a large tree staring out into the night sky. Sitting in a tree is natural to any Gorilla. But most Gorillas do not have a Taxian processor that can digest terabytes of data in a kilojot. With a mind like that, it's not so much contemplation as much as it is analysis. When humans think, they work mentally through information in layers that all have emotional responses, and the thoughts are processed in relation to experience. A machine chains complex ideas together without having to deal with the emotional significance of the relationships between memories . It's like fast forwarding a slow game of chess 1000 times its original speed. 

Maimou was sifting through information about every type of primate that has ever existed. Maimou's addition was the latest in the list, and that entry was made in 2040. The current year was 2050, and that made her ten years old by human standards. But the DNA that made up her structure was a thousand years old. Taken from the last Gorilla in existence on a distant planet. This entity knew what it once was and had full awareness of what it currently was. The purpose of its creation was even evident, but increased intelligence changed the whole primal mindset that the original creature had in a former life. The mannerisms and behaviors were programmed into it, but the conciseness totally overshadowed these basic survival and distinctive gestures.

Maimou was developed in cybernetic lab that was attached to the Arboretum that she lived in on board the Pardeen. It lab had a large observation window near the done that looked down upon the scientific sandbox. The on board green house had a glassite dome in the roof that peered out into space during evening hours. During the daytime the opacity shifted and a relay of the Lamexian sunrise to sunset was broadcast across its surface. 

This playground was monitored by two scientists on board that had combined DNA from extinct species of animals with an alien microbe based antiplasti. The alien organisms Adhered to the DNA chain and replicate the shape and parts of the species they were introduced to. Simply put, forced shape shifting, although without the whole fuss of organic material as the transformation medium. Mechanical and electrical parts are added, as well as a computer that gets loaded with DNA memory from the creature it was taken from. The same thing could be accomplished by molding the parts and then loading the computer, but skipping millions of dollars in manufacturing costs expanded the possibilities. Hundreds of species could be created in the time it would take to develop the manufacturing for one. The downside was that the antiplasti shifted shape by starting as a fetus and growing into an adult. The mechanical parts could not be added before the adult stage or they would not fit as the DNA went through growth stages. Hence, there were no babies of any species on board. This narrowed the scope of the research, but it was research that could not be done otherwise.

Maimous shiny surface caught colors of space and mingled them on her tan surface in the faint light. Dark seams separated all the parts on her body, and she looked somewhat like something out of a wood shop. In between the creatures joints were some cables, bearings, and metal work which was slightly visible. Her blue lit eyes stood out through the forrest around her. The 7000 square guant Arboretum was round with a snake like pedestrian path that went through the middle of it. 

The height of the reservation went from second deck to the top of the cruiser making the height equal to its width. Many different species of trees, plants, and flowers packed the room with lush colors and fragrances. It was a botanical haven for butterflies and a wide variety of small birds, a portion of which were synthetic as well. Fog had settled in gently across the hills and stream that flowed from a waterfall on the opposite end of the green house from Maimou. It was a breath taking view, and truly a sanctuary in the middle of the ship.

Maimou scrolled through ships database looking at the DNA samples that were logged in the ships manifest. No other gorillas or ape species present, unfortunately there were not going to be any primates joining her as friends or family. Typically after stopping at port she would check to see if anything new had been added. Species were often traded between scientific groups as it was a win win for each group. DNA sequences could be copied and shared quite easily, and sometimes they did not have to leave the ship to do it. 

At port Rhode the Pardeen had picked up some historical data chips from the science observatory. The 15 chips had been loaded into the ships drives. Categories included ancient languages, agriculture, and economic history. A cluster named  Ethology peaked Maimou's intrest, and the branches of it included multiple options. Animal behaviors, consciousness, behavioral genetics, and animal emotion were among the list. From her visual display, she drilled down into animal emotions and found a study on a dog species in Rhode. 

The quiet zip of the data packet opening was followed by the on screen portfolio of an academic psychologists named Pancare Lethan. He had done in depth research in the field of emotions as it pertained to the K-9 species. Most of this experience included journals from a time he had lived with a wild breed of dogs in the dessert for a year. Emotional behaviors and experiences of the pack from birth to death were accounted for in great detail. It made for a short read, nothing really worth making a note of Looking at all this and taking into account the fact that these species were now dead could make the last of a breed feel solitary. Truthfully she was not necessarily lonely as that was an emotion, it was more of an DNA strand that desired to connect with similar beings.

Calls from an owl and other night dwellers danced over the trees. The faint cry of a baby belted out from the center path. The Gorilla did a double take as she accessed her catalog to identify species. Humanoid was the origin the blipped up on her internal display. A humanoid baby in the Arboretum at this hour, highly irregular and likely dangerous.  She turned her head in the direction of the scream and caught the bio reading at 43 gaunts.  There he was, a small humanoid male sitting in the middle of the dimly lit trail. He was screaming uncontrollably, tears pouring from as he flailed his arms and pursed his lips.  Something was blocking the path ahead of him. 

A large red ball was left upon the trail and it was striking utter fear into the baby. It was an exercise ball left by one of the crew, probably forgotten after a morning workout. Crew would often come to the Arboretum to blow off some steam, exercise, or just sit on the bench near the stream. Quite frequently a class of children would wander through on a field day as well. But an unattended baby was not part of the routine. Maimou's DNA source had once had a baby and she retained the memories. Her child had cried out for her on numerous occasions, the motherly instinct was activating somewhere within a subroutine.
Maimou sprang from the top of the tree she was lounging in and dove into the leaves and foliage bellow. The jolt of the metal parts flexing under the stress of the impact pinged through the tall grass. As soon as she connected with the ground all for limbs went into full gallop. The ball of mass barreled through the trees and the rustling of her path could be seen by the movement of the bushes and tree leaves.

Preston was freaking out, this huge bright object had all but assaulted him I. This strange place, it was so big compared to him, it towered above him. What was it!!??? "Scared" popped up over his head and laminated the dark space above him. The ball could clearly see that he was upset, why did it not leave or do something? The nothingness and non responsiveness was terrifying, but there was nothing to be done but cry for mama. This was the next headline that was displayed in sync with Preston verbally committing to calling out for his momma. "Ma-ma!!!' Ma-ma!!

Just when Preston did not think he could take any more, something entered the trail collided with the ball. A loud smack from the solid object connecting the plastic  made Preston jerk, his eyes wide. The red foe went careening into the unseen with tremendous force. The The object that had connected  with the ball was huge. The buldge balanced itself and two fluorescent blue eyes glanced back at Preston. Klax had one blue eye in the middle of his head, and the familiarity of the color reduced fear somewhat. "Wow" scrolled overhead as the mass moved closer to him. 

This strange looking thing moved on four limbs and walked on its front knuckles. Huge shoulders and a massive head were fixed on the upper torso. Preston's ball problem was no match for this thing whatever it was. He had never seen anything like it before, and wonder now replaced the fear of impending harm from the red one. Clicks sounded as the path lights activated and Maimou came into view. The boy looked up and blew a kiss at Maimou "Da-da" followed by a giggle and several in distinct blips from the Halo. Maimou got the general idea, this baby had not developed to the point of advanced communication. Hand signals wpuld not even be sufficient if the baby had not been trained in them. He was just trying everything from the little bag of tricks that he had. Maimou waved back at the little guy and bent low to get down on his level to get a better look. 

The bio scan indicated that the boys health was in proper condition, no cuts bruises, concussion, or trama to any vital organs. There was however, excess waste inside his space garments that would have made the beast scowl if a sensory array for smell had been present. Preston just smilled and continued cooing at the fantastically interesting new toy he had found. Maimou's first chain sequence of logic directed towards notifying ships authorities and turning the youngling over. A motherly subroutine superseded this initial string of logic, which ended with the string "Care for the baby". The Gorilla ran the chain of logic again and the motherly subroutine won out. Robots don't argue with the most applicable chain presented by their database.

Preston just began gabbing on with general gibberish and baby noises. He showed off his sitting and rotating in a circle move followed by an attempt to bite Maimou in the arm. The hard plastic made for a tough opponent as he pulled back with a string of drool. Just then it started to rain within the Arboretum, and Preston's clothes and hair started to soak. Maimou looked up as the rain dripped down onto her large body. She noticed the temperature dropping below humanoid standards and proceeded to gently pick the baby up and clutch her next to her chest. She hunched over to keep the rain from falling on him. Normally the trees would provide decent shelter for her but the child needed to dry. The small cave within the arboretum would be sufficient cover for the two of them. She slowly walked down the path over the bridge that covered the stream. 

They rounded the left corner of the bridge onto a small stone path that led up to the waterfall. Clambering up the path with the three useful limbs, she hopped behind the waterfall. A wave of water leaped off her back and dripped from all sides as the two moved into the cubby.

Preston never responded well to the dark and they had just stepped into a cavern full of it. Maimou gently removed Preston's onesie, and threw it into the corner like a discarded dish
rag. Observing that the child was now only in his diaper, there would be no need for this either. The diaper was removed and all that was left was one naked baby. Maimou scratched her head for moment computing how she might clean the boy. The bot  walked over to the mouth of the cave and grabbed a large leaf from a nearby plant. Cupping it near the water fall, she collect a little water to bathe her new friend in. Preston cried under the touch of the cold water, but in a few moments he was all cleaned up. The stone floor would not be very comfortable for the child, so Maimou went out to get some grass and moss to use as bedding. 

When she left Preston cried again, feeling abandoned and not understanding his caretaker would only be gone shortly. The bedding was in place, the baby was clean and dry, now it was time to sleep. But this little baby did not want to sleep, he was more interested in playing with his bedding and screaming. Maimou's baby had never had any problems going to sleep, it must be different for human children. The first record on bedtime customs she came across was an evening prayer. A bedtime prayer might just make the humanoid enter REM. 

No words had been spoken by the gorilla because there had been no need to verbally communicate with anyone. In the 10 years aboard, her limited experience with other intelligent forms had been being observed. Children gawking and scientist recording behavioral dat hardly serves as social interaction. For that matter the scientist probably did not even know Maimou's true level of consciousness. Of course they knew the capabilities of the processor embedded, but the use of her internal ability may have been seen as parochial. All the behavioral patterns were followed, it was programming inspired by the DNA chain. It could be deciphered as desire, because there was no stopping the engrained functions. Maimou had to find a voice, and module from an ancient text to speech program was archived in her database permissions. She has seen this before during scans and browsing the network. The verbal test that came with the software blipped across visual, it was a single paragraph. In a miss matched female computer voice tone, she proceeded through the exercise. "Billy has a nice buck-et, it's made of met-tal period. The buck-et is full of mee-ilk. It is good mee-ilk, so yum-mie that it made bill-ie L-O-L period. Where did the mee-ilk come from question mark."
Maimou proceeded to the 18th century bedtime custom. "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray The Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray The Lord my soul to take." Preston faded from consciousness in the roughly arranged grass bed. His head rested on the left arm which was extended above his head. Only the light from Maimou's eyes lit the  cave She lowered the brightness settings to allow Preston to sleep soundly. A few moments later a probe flew through the waterfall. The white surveillance ball floated in mid air and 
a  red laser wall scanned the entire area. Someone had sent this here, and the whereabouts of a lost little boy was sure to bring attention.

Submitted: August 20, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Titus Lately. All rights reserved.

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