Noise in the rose room

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Submitted: June 30, 2019

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Submitted: June 30, 2019



The Beat of the noise gives me an incurable headache. The strobing lights make us seize, but we keep dancing. we can’t control ourselves, we are slaves to the noise. With every record the masters play the more insane we are driven. The only escapes we are given is to over intoxicated with booze or make a dash for the doors when they switch tracks. Falling down and being squashed by the mindless mob is a possibility but it would take too long. I need freedom now, I want it now. Why are we here I don’t even know these people. The man next to me is covered in chunks but the girl in front of him doesn't notice anything and tries to hunt. She’s grabbing him not letting go. Her claws gripped so tight around him she’s drawing blood. She uses her tail to hold him up so he doesn't fall. It’s not just him everyone but me is being held by someone, it doesn't take long when a cute girl walks up to me saying “Be mine.” Im then gripped with a pain on my arm where I have been grabbed. The pain so sharp im knocked out of the state of confusion and pain that I have been locked in. 

I can finally look around and I see the place I have been trapped in. The walls curve like in a cave and the ceiling is held with support beams. I look down at my drink and see an eerie green glow. The girl is to focused bleeding me she doesn't know im free, neither does the rest of them. I take my cup and pour the green liquid onto the girls head, she loosens her grip in confusion and I completely remove her hand from me. She looks up at me and the only look I can see in her eyes are fear. I can’t stop myself from smiling, before she can call for help Grab her by her throat and whisper in her ear. “Whether you meant to or not you summoned a dangerous monster to this party.” she looks at me with tears in her eyes and the others like her begin to notice the event taking place. They drop their prey and within seconds the music and lights stops as im surrounded.”How do I leave this place?” all the demons in a unisan response “You die”. And with those two words my body feels with rage. So much rage that my grip increased so much I killed the girl I was holding, I drop her body and hits the floor like a lifeless rag. The rest of them look at me in Rage, Horror, a Delight.

The masters command the others out of there way and within seconds an isle is formed heading straight to me.  The masters demand that I come to them and when they begin to talk my head goes into a daze. Without even realizing it my body begins to move on it’s own towards them. I can barely keep my eyes open as I near them for their chanting is a satanic chorus that drowns out everything. All the other demons start to close their eyes and bend their heads almost as if they are preying.

The Masters music comes to a stop witch lets me come to, and by coming to im now in a prison cell. The demons chained to the far wall and will sit for years to come. Every day at the same time I am fed through a pipe and funnel. I have no idea what they feed me and when I try to fight back they play a recording of the masters that makes me more gullible. When they finish feeding me they slit my wrists that drip blood into a trough in the floor, and after a few minutes they heal. Every day I count the seconds, every second 86397..86398..86399..86400. And there back, feeding time again. I know longer have the will to fight back.

I have started to notice that the demons don’t wear any clothes when they feed me, and they have no distinguishable features. They are like mannequins but even though they do not have eyes, ears, lips or nose but seem to smile greedingly as they cut my wrists. In the past few weeks only one demon has been feeding me and bleeding me. I’ve decided that today is the last day. With the demon coming to the cell in less then three hundred seconds, I raise my body as high as I can and force my fingers to my ears. I force my index fingers into my eardrums and I can't hear anything now, not a single thing. The demon forces the tube down my throat and when it is removed it squats down noticing the blood in my ears. I lash out and force the creature into a choke hold killing it. 

I remove its knife from its hand with my toes and took it in hand. Before my body starts healing I take the knife placed tightly in my mouth, stab into my wrists. The pain is unimaginable but I enjoy it. It brings me satisfaction that I killed the demon with ease.  My arms fall to the ground and my blood yet again flows into the trough. I look again at the demon and see the cassette player laying on the ground and on. I slowly raise to my feet and hobble over to the cassette tape. Crushing it with what little weight my body has left. Within minutes my hands have started growing back and I can hear my light steps as I shuffle through the corridor. The hall is slanted down so the blood from the cells flow into a drain at the bottom. 

At the bottom of the sloped walkway is a Heavy double iron door decorated with roses. The Blood forced out of me went to the base of the door. The base of the roses on the door absorbed the blood and turned the wite roses read. There was no other way to go I was at the end of the hall when I started and now a door of iron blood and beauty stands in my way. I push on the heavy door with all of the power that I have left. I Strain as the loose dirt beneath me gives way and makes it seem as the door is pushing me back. My standoff with the door turns from minutes to hours. I've exhausted all my strength and I kneel before the door and give in because of my lack of strength. Within my head as soon as I give up on strength I hear a piece of me say that I have more to give than effort. I look up at the door and gaze deeply into the red roses at the bottom of the door. It dosen’t take me long to know what to do, I take the knife i’ve been holding strongly into my mouth and slit my left arm open. I run the blade from wrist to my shoulder, not too deep, I don’t know if I will heal after this or not.

The deep red crimson blood runs down my arm onto my fingers and to the base of the door. My body is still healing fast so I constantly run the blade through the slit in my arm. I watch the blood feed the door and after many excruciating minutes. The roses completely feel  and I restart my attempt to open the door, the cut on my arm not healing as fast as when it first healed. I began to apply pressure on the door and it starts to budge. As the door begins to open to where I can barely slip thru I heard a blood curdling scream at the end of the hall, the demons came to look for their friend and found him dead and are now charging in my direction. I force myself threw the gap and begin to close the door. The demons began to shout commands “Stop!.Don’t” as I close the door before there inches away, and didn’t hear anything from the other side. 

The room is lit with large stones all over the walls and floors. In the middle of the room is large whole with a bottom that can’t be seen. The blood still dripping from my arm flicks into the whole and a chorus starts to erupt slowly from the whole. This music doesn't have any pain just pleasure. A being appears from the hole slowly rising to reach my height and extends an arm to great me. I can’t help myself I am drawn to the person as if I will be safe for the rest of my life. I take the person’s hand and get dragged into the hole falling to my death. The blood from my corpse feed the being and his powers grow. Its music getting louder and more intense. The other Masters burst in to late, the being has already grown too powerful. Its sound has drowned out the other masters noise. Within minutes the being has become more powerful than all of the other demons and is now devisating the earth. Devouring everyone who is hypnotised by its music.


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