The Virus

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A deadly virus threatens to destroy the earth and it's up to me to save it.

Submitted: July 31, 2015

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Submitted: July 31, 2015



As I walked through the streets at Hove Beach with a cup of coffee, my phone began to ring.

''Hello?'' I answered. It was my assistant Jim.

''Sir, Sir . . . where are you??'' he said. I didn't have time to answer his question before he spoke again. ''I've discovered something bad at the lab.''

''I'm on my way,'' I answered quickly and jumped into my car. I drove really fast and in a panic. When I reached the lab Jim was worried and told me that he had just discovered a virus on Earth.

''Sir,'' he said slowly ''Earth is not going to survive another three years with this virus. That gives us until 2017'' he whispered. ''It is going to start destroying Earth by tomorrow and some of the biggest cities in the world will be gone,'' Jim explained.


It is now the year 2016, as I remembered the day I found out about the virus and waited for the president's phone call.

''Mr. President. . . yes . . . New York is gone . . . no . . . my family lived there . . . yes . . . probably dead . . . Sir at least go to Air Force 1 and go to safety!'' As I listened to the President on the other end I then told him, ''Mr. President . . . I have found a cure for the virus.''

''OK'', he hesitated, ''meet me in Cairo.'' He hung up the phone.

In Cairo the President looked worried as he started to ask me questions about the cure. I discovered that the virus could eb cured by a see through crystal that would have to be ut into a slot inside one of the pyramids. If I could do this, the fires of the virus would be quenched.

''What will happen when you use this cure?'' he asked.

''Basically, the cities and towns that were destroyed will be rebuilt and all the lives that were lost because of the virus will be alive again.'' I explained. ''so it will be like it never happened.''

As the president and I walked closer to the pyramids I asked him in a whisper ''Where is the door to get inside?'' as I pointed to the gigantic pyramid. He stared at me for a minute before he answered my question. ''Erm. . . up on the roof. At the very tip of the pyramid'' he explained.

As we started to climb, the prison guards kicked down the door to let us in. We climbed in and I could not find the slot to put the crystal into. I searched and searched. I looked down at the ground and spotted a tiny hole right at my feet. I placed the crystal in then turned it slowly. All of a sudden the pyramid was filled with a bright light. A huge beam shot up from the ground and spread its bright light across the dessert. Everything went white.

When I opened my eyes I was sitting in my little apartment in New York City. I thought I dreamt the whole thing but then the ground beneath my feet started to shake. Next thing I knew I was in a virtual world! A strange creature started to approach me. It was wearing a blue t-shirt, but it ahd five different heads coming out from it, its body stooped on about sixteen different legs. I asked it what it was- it definitely wasn't human anyway! 

It replied stating ''I AM THE VIRUS!!!''

I remebered I had another crystal left in my pocket from Cairo. Reaching in I grabbed it and threw it at the Virus. It let out an evil laugh.

I looked at the Virus puzzled and asked, ''how come the crystal didn't hurt you?''

''I am so powerful now that your crystal only gives me more strength,'' he laughed.

I started to run but suddenly the ground started to crumble underneath me. I fell through the ground and all I could do was hang on to a metal pole for dear life. The Virus did not do anything to help me, but instead he began kicking the pole. After five swift kicks, the pole gave in and fell taking me with it. Panic swept over me as I thought I was going to die.

Once again I woke to find myself in my apartment. I didn't know what was going on. Juming up from bed I looked out the window. It was liek Earth had just blown up. The Empire Estate building had fallen to the ground. I froze- what would I do? I had no more ideas. I got dressed then made my way to the lab where I found Jim. He explained to me that while I was in Cairo he had began making a new machine called the Blaster that would kill this deadly Virus once and for all. Taking it from him, I ran to my car and drove, at speed, to the where I knew the Virus was hiding. As I arrived the Virus was waiting with a big, deadly weapon of its own.

I shot at the Virus which it dodged as it began to run. Suddenly it tripped and I saw my chance. I shot at it again and again then almost immediately it started to disappear. ''What the. . . ?'' I thought amazed. Turning to its machine I smashed it into tiny pieces. The sky instantly turned yellow. I looked around me and saw that the Empire Estate building had started to rebuild itself, just like magic! I rang Jim and told him that his machine had finally destroyed the virus once and for all.

''The world will live on for millions of years!'' he laughed with a mixture of relief and happiness.

I sighed a sigh of relief and said to myself as I looked at the city I once knew ''We did it!!''



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