Pe-nnochio (The Parody)

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This is the story of Pinocchio the parody which is the story that I had made up a little bit. I hope you guys enjoy it and put it in your show one day.

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012




Characters:Teyara Love...............................................Narrator

Kierah Norman.........................................Geppetto

Eleiser Romano.........................................Pinnochio


Eleiser Romano..................................Officer#1



Narrator:One day,their was a carpenter who built puppets. Then on the same day he built his first real life puppet.

Geppetto:Finally,I built my first real life puppet.

Narrator:But the puppet looked uncomfortable.

Pinnochio:Ooooooooooooooohhhhhh dad, I have to go to the bathroom really bad,ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh dad were is the bathroom.

Geppetto:Are you alright son.

Narrator:Then finally Pinnochio found the bathroom.

Pinnochio:Ha dad can you give me some privacy here.

Geppetto:Sorry son.

Pinnochio:Ahhh that feels so much better now.

Geppetto:Come on son go to bed now, you need some rest.

Pinnochio:OK dad find I will go to bed.


Narrator:But when Geppetto cut the lights off and closed Pinnochio's door, instead of him going to bed, he steanked from his window and went outside to have a little fun.

Pinnochio:So what am I going to do first.

Narrator:Then all of a sudden when Pinnochio turned the corner of the street, he saw some kids coming his way.

Carlo:Ha kid, we saw you looking at us and we thought you had a little problem with us and wanted to fight us.

Pinnochio:No I didn't want to fight you guys, I was just wondering around a little bit.

Narrator:Then one of Carlo's friends put a flash-light on him.

Carlo:Ha its just a talking puppet lets throw him in one of those trashcans over there.

Pinnochio:You don't want to do that.

Narrator:So Carlo and his friends threw him in the trashcan, and they were on there way.

Pinnochio:I knew I shouldn't have come out here,know look at what happen to me.

Narrator:Then Pinnochio ran all the way home,and he sneak into his house without his father seeing him.

Pinnochio:Yes, I sneak inside the house without my father seeing me.

Narrator:But what Pinnochio didn't was that his father sometimes stay up all night building things like toys for him to play with,he also go in his room to check on him to make sure that he was ok, but when he seen that Pinnochio wasn't in his bed or the bathroom, but he did see that his window was open, he waited for him to come back in.

Geppetto:Pinnchio, where have you been all night long, wasn't you suppose to be in bed.

Pinnochio:Dad what are you talking about, I didn't go anywhere I was in bed the whole time.

Narrator:Then all of a sudden, Pinnochio's nose started growing very long.

Pinnochio:Dad, whats happening to me, why is my nose growing so long.

Narrator: Pinnochio ended up having a little accident in his bed because he didn't know what was going on with his nose.

Geppetto:Your nose is growing so long because your lying, and your nose starts growing when your lying, so tell the truth so your nose can grow back to its normal size.

Pinnochio:Ok dad you caught me, see what happen was I did go out at night but it was only because I didn't have any thing to do and I wasn't sleepy either, so I figured that if I could go outside and find something to do without bothering you, it would be OK.

Geppetto:Well it wasn't.

Narrator:So when Pinnochio told the truth, his nose grew to its normal size.

Geppetto:Pinnochio there is no reason for you to be outside at night, no reason at all. You could have got yourself into a lot of trouble or maybe even killed. So promise me that you will never do anything like that again.

Pinnochio:I promise dad.

Geppetto:Good boy, now try to get some rest before morning, you have a lot to cover tomorrow morning.

Pinnochio:Yes father.


Narrator:The next morning, Pinnochio still haven't learn his lesson, he didn't go outside at night, but he did do something even woser than that.

Pinnochio:Ha dad can I go outside.

Geppetto:Sure son, just come back in before curfue.

Pinnochio:When is curfue dad.

Geppetto:At eleven o'clock. But I want you to come back at around ten o'clock got that son.

Pinnochio:Yes sure, but dad what happens if you don't come in after curfew?

Geppetto:Well son if you don't come back in before curfew, then the police has the right to pick you up and drop you off at home, or they might just take you to jail, but we all know that you are coming back in before curfew right.

Pinnochio:Yes sure.

Narrator:But Pinnochio didn't come home at about ten o' clock,he didn't even come back at around curfue which was eleven o'clock. Instead Pinnochio had bump into some kids that he had seen before.

Carlo:Ha look, its the talikng puppet again, the one we had threw in the trashcan the other time.

Pinnochio:Ha I'm not looking for trouble here, I'm just looking for something to do out here.

Carlo:What are you expecting to do out here late at night.

Pinnochio:I don't know maybe play a little basketball or footaball.

Carlo:There's no court out here, there's no field either. How about you come with us, we are going to have some fun.

Pinnochio:Doing what I don't want to get into to much trouble for my father to find out.

Carlo:Well thats OK then maybe next time, we were going to make you a cool kid but I guess if you don't want to be a cool kid, we can just pick someone else for this stunt.

Narrator:Pinnochio didn't know what to do, he wanted to be a cool kid and he also wanted to stay out of trouble. But instead he still insist on the other kids making him cool.

Pinnochio:Wait, I will do it, but what is it that you want me to do that will make me cool.

Carlo:We want you to help us rob a bank.

Pinnochio:What for, what did the people that run the bank ever done to you guys?

Carlo:Nothing, we just want the money, and if you help us we will be rich.

Pinnochio:Well what do I have to do?

Carlo:All you have to do is watch on the look out; you know tell us when the police is coming, and we will share the money with you. So are you in.

Pinnochio:Sure, but what if the police catch you guys.

Carlo:Then were going to jail and your going with us.

Pinnochio:Jail, but I don't want to go there.

Narrator:Pinnochio remembered what his father said about the police,so if they get caught, they were going to jail for robbing a bank and curfew, and Pinnochio and the other guys didn't want that, so Pinnochio thought it was in his best intrest to make sure the cops are going to catch them.

Carlo:Then are you going to make sure the cops don't catch us.


Carlo:Ok then lets do it, we can drive in my car.


Narrator:But as they were on there way to the bank, Pinnochio started to feel uncomfortable with this scheme, so he had another accident, but this time it was in Carlo's car.

Carlo:Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww, whats wrong with you kid are you Ok, what kind of puppet are you, you don't know how to hold your urine.

Pinnochio:Sorry Carlo, it happens when I get nervous. I will understand it if you don't want me to help you out with your scheme anymore, I can get out now if you want.

Carlo:No, its Ok, I understand that you never did this before, I have some changing clothes in the back if you want them you can have them.

Pinnochio:Thank you Carlo thats fine with me.

Narrator:Pinnochio thought that if he had an accident in Carlo's car, Carlo would want to kick him out, but that didn't work out.


Carlo:Were here, I smell the scent of money already. Guys get the bags and caps that goes over our faces, and Pinnochio come you with me.

Narrator:As they were walking to the place were Pinnochio had to watch out for the cops at, he felt even more nervous and he felt like he had to throw up.

Carlo:Ok here is the spot, make sure you watch out for cops on both direction, which is left and right, you do know your left and right, right.

Pinnochio:Yeah, I got it.

Narrator:Then Pinnochio had seen what was happening in the bank, he saw that Carlo and his friend were holding the people in the bank hostage with their guns, so he knew what he had to do. He knew that stealing wasn't going to make anyone cool, they were only going to be a thief.

Pinnochio:This isn't right, there not suppose to be stealing, I ought to tell the police right away, but what are they doing with guns. What if they shoot me with one if I told.

Narrator:Pinnochio never got shot with a gun before and he never wants to get shot with one, but he knew he had to be brave.

Pinnochio:They might have guns and I don't, but I still have to help those people before anyone of them get hurt. So I'm going to tell the police.

Narrator:And as soon as Pinnochio had seen the police, he told them right away.

Pinnochio:Ha officer, Police!!!

Oficer#1:Ha is that a talking puppet.

Officer#2:Yeah that is a talking puppet, lets see what he wants.

Officer#1:Ha kid what's wrong, and what are you doing out here late at night, its past curfew, you should be at home in bed fast asleep.

Pinnochio:Those kids in there are trying to rob the bank, and you have to stop them before they run away.

Officer#2:Are they holding any hostages in there.

Pinnochio:Yes sure.

Narrator:But then Carlo and his friends came out just in time for the police to catch them.

Officer#1:You sure do have a lot of money there son.

Carlo:Pinnochio I told you to watch out for the police not tell them what we were doing in there. Aaaaahhhhhhhh you stupid puppet don't listen.

Officer#2:He is smarter then you think he is kid, and your not so smart at all.

Officer#1:Thanks Pinnochio, you did great son.Ha what are you doing out here after curfew anyway, well you know what we'll just take you home for being brave enough to tell on these kids.


Narrator:So the officers took Pinnochio home to his father,Carlo and his friends went to jail, and since the bank got all of their money back, they gave Pinnochio and his father half of the it.

Geppetto:Good boy son, you might have probebly sneak outside once again, but you still learn your lesson about stealing and save the national bank.

Narrator:Then late that night in a dream, a magical fairy came into Pinnochio's room and turn him into a real life boy.

Pinnochio:Dad what happen to the puppet me, this is the real me.

Geppetto:There now your a real boy.

© Copyright 2017 tklove97. All rights reserved.

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