when dreams become better than reality

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what the title says ;)

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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Submitted: June 03, 2011



Every single night I disappear into the rays of lights,

the black and the white, mixed with some grey every so often,

where reality and fantasy becomes unreal,

revealing what I’ve seemed the whole time to conceal.

As my creative imagination goes beyond the native,

to an exquisite sense of delicate remembrance,

with the beauty of intertwinement, suddenly placed in an environment of…

My precious love, the creative artiste, and fatality.

I would become drowned in a count-down of time,

where my lyrical rhymes suddenly became divine,

as there was no common necessities in foreign domesticities ,

because I, I can finally dwell in a simple farewell,

indistinguishable among the truth, the real, the fake, and the lies.

I am able to finally imagine in a time of inaction,

the gracefulness of her bountiful physique,

As I am left with no words to speak, no critique.

and for the first time in my supposed mind,

she gently placed her fingers in between mine,

and with no doubt it would fit perfectly fine.

It was as if the hopes and dreams came rushing down,

seductively, I wrapped my arms around her gown,

craving, I so confidently caressed her waist,

just to get a taste of her alluring scent,

to prevent resent, I underwent a casted spell,

logical to the brain and admirable to the heart,

but to express myself, I didn’t know where to start.

So like any person, I glared into her eyes and stroked her lips,

falling into a daze where I was amazed,

hopefully it wasn’t just another phase for me to praise,

but twists and turns left me with a slanted perspective.

And suddenly we were just left standing there.

at that moment, her eyes became weary, her lips became dry,

and I couldn’t deny to say that I was a hopeless guy.

Unaware, there was an unanticipated array of changes.

The scenery became an eyeful, indescribable in words,

unleashing the pleasing senses of the unheard,

as I glanced to the left, but advanced to the right,

I notice she was still standing swiftly by my side.

Her fragile touch was still in my grasp,

but I gasped, and gasped, hoping to find some breath,

but it seemed as if I had reach my final death,

for she gently swayed off into the heavens,

like an innocent angel, newly freshened.

Her missing presence left me in tears,

and I sobbed, and sobbed, hoping to find some optimism.

I kicked and awoke, awakened by the adrenaline,

my palms were sweaty, my lips were arid,

I was just so glad that it tragically ended.

Tears came streaming, healing of what was already bleeding,

pleading, as I gasped and gasped and sobbed for meaning,

weeping, I conferred to myself in speaking.

Why? Why? Was once not enough?

I was quite candid and content in your trust,

for the reason in which every night I escape reality,

ridding of sensualities to dwell upon the dreams,

felting deeply upon the hopeless romantic themes,

because this was my way of making everything,

just everything I’ve ever hoped for,

come true for one single night of my life.

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