The immortal rose

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In an era where war is the norm, peace is only the preparation to war. A warrior rises, his armour his crown.

Chapter 1. Where are you going?

She struggled to loosen the grip pulling on her hair. Her heart was throbbing in her chest as she realised she had been caught, he pulled on her hair harder as he wispered " not today love!" His breath enlaced with liqour, he pressed his large hands on her mouth and proceeded to push her to the ground and forced his way between her legs .She kicked the dishes that ensued a rattling sound, he had his man parts out by now and as he tried to pull down her skirt ,she struck him with a grinding stone, her white dress now soaked with his blood. She hastened her attempt to scale the wall but only to be met by the swift footsteps of two soldiers.

"You witch, what did you do" yelled Jonah, a tall dark skinned man of striking appearance arched his eyebrow as he looked at her with great displeasure and twisted her arm. As the man lay in the pool of his own blood, unconscious and likely dead, another soldier took a closer look at the man by kneeling and declared "he is dead"

" He was from the delegates," mentioned Jonah

" those robes, he is a chieftan" remarked the soldier still kneeling as his eyes looked over the wealthy, high ranked coarpse. His focus now shifted to the woman still unwavering in her attempt to escape Jonah's grip, slightly irritated by the rustle of her clothes and the sounds from her belts, his eyes burning with annoyance and his lips parted recognising her costume as one of the dancers from the feast, he walked up to her as she locked her blood red dove eyes with him for a moment only to be initimidated by his sharp grey eyes, he signalled Jonah to release her as she quickly looked away with expressions of a stubborn child, he analysed her and her torn skirt spoke of that which she did not.

"what is your name? " he asked rather casually , still grilling her with his eyes, she gulped and hopelessly struggled, Seeming uninterested to put up with her non-cooperation he told her

"The man you just killed lady, his keen won't care for your name. All they will care for is to spill your blood"

" They can try " she screamed and spat at him and got hold of Jonah's dagger and plunged at him.

A woman of small stature both by birth and by build but filled with rage and a desire to escape,only to freeze mid way and the see the dagger exchange hands like some child's play.he smirked while placing the dagger on her neck he chuckled " You funny little fiesty and uppity witch" He pushed her back to Jonah and returned his dagger and mockingly taunted him " Take care, she is a murderer and also a thief"

Jonah sighed " She killed the guest now she attacks the king ".

Rose was locked up by Jonah in a cell in the tower of the east, A month had passed since her failed attempt of escape, she was not locked up for the entirety of the day rather she was forced into hard labour doing chores around the palace during the day by Madamme superior, a woman that could put a full grown man to shame in terms of her strength she was a supervisor of the maids, She Could put the most violent of female prisoners to use around the chores of the palace. Her tactics were of intimidation and of hot sticks. Rose, had both her wrist burnt before she gave in to Madamme superiors orders, she cleaned and scrubbed the floors of the palace under the watchful eye of the Madamme. Her fate to be decided at the trail, she sat in the corner of her cell no call for chores had arrived today, she knew today was the day of the trail.

Dressed in white posh robes with golden borders, sat three men with poise and all seriousness at the bench of decree awaiting the King,

" All hail for His highness the noble commander in chief of all the armies in the east and west of the kingdom of Macrees, leader of the chieftans and their tribesmen, Greatest warrior to live, King Akhil Noyce of the blue seas" A deep voice silenced the wispers of gossip in the court room

King Akhil, A man of allure and strong build entered the court and glided through the gathering of men so distinct in their apperances than him, fat bellies and bald heads. He sat next to Aurther of braigne, A noble man now serving as a member of the bench of decree in the court and Signalled the adjournment of the trail of murder of saleel, the son of chieftan of the tribe of carpet weavers. "Speak ,chief Elsor of your grievance in front of this court " Said the older Man seated at the bench, his grey bread knotted at the end.

" My son, was a guest in your home when he was murdered in cold blood, My king. I demand justice, justice in your name" chief elsor's voice gleaming of anger and of grief.

Akhil stared at him, with a look that lacked empathy,for he knew why that drunken scum had died. "Justice shall be surved" murmered Arthur, reassuring Elsor

"Bring fourth the murderess " Commanded Aurther of braigne.

Rose, arrived at the court in chains gently dragged by Jonah. Akhils eyes followed her every step, how the fearless tigeress looked so frail, her beautiful dress with golden embelishments now replaced by a dirty rag. The courtroom filled with the roars of the audience that suggested her hanging, she stood there with a calm and dignified composure heedless of the voices demanding her death. Akhils eyes traced every detail of her being, he noticed the recent scars on her body and the missing nail in her right foot but no traces of a broken soul.

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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