The Foster Family Trip

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Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011




The Foster Family Trip
It is a beautiful spring day. The Fosters had finally made it. They had been looking forward to this trip for a long time; a weekend of camping under the stars and hiking in the wilderness. Andy helped his dad, Todd, take the tent and backpacks out of the car.  Laura and her mom checked the food and made sure they had the map.  The four had planned to start hiking hours ago but they left home late and encountered a few delays on the road. They put their packs on and started out. They needed to hurry to make it to their campsite by dark. 
It was a wonderful day for hiking. It was sunny and the birds were signing as they flew all about. Andy and Laura were trying to see who could name more of the plants and animals as the walked. Mary, their mom, reminded them to keep up because they had a long way to go before making it to their spot for the night. 
After a few hours they came to a clearing. It was a great place to stop for a few minutes. There were a couple of picnic table and the four sat down to enjoy a quick lunch. Mary said, “Todd, it seems like it is getting cooler". “I think the wind shifted, and it has been clouding up pretty quickly. There must be a storm coming,” said Todd. “I hoped it would not rain” said Laura. Andy laughed, “My sister, can slide into 3rd but doesn’t like to get her boots muddy”. They all laughed. 
As they finished eating, the Fosters could see the rain in the distance. “I don’t think we are going to make it to our campsite tonight. We need to find a good spot to put up our tent,” said Todd. “Couldn’t we put it up here”, asked Mary. “This is a pretty low spot compared to everything around us. We need to find a place a little higher up to camp for the night”, said Andy. “That’s a good idea, son”, said Todd. “How about the top of that hill?” said Laura? “What hill?” asked Mary? “The one over there on the other side of those trees” said Laura. You could see the top of the hill over the trees. The four headed out toward the hill, it looked closer to them but as they walked they realized it was almost a mile away. It had been raining for a little while by the time they reached the hill. “Boy, this is going to be some climb in the rain,” said Todd. “Should we go back?” asked Mary. “No, this will be a good spot. A bit slippery to get up but a good spot for the tent since most of the water is running down it” said Todd. 
The four started up the very high hill. A few slips but no falls and they all made it. The rain was started to come down a little harder. The four worked together to get the tent up. As they put their things into the tent they began to look around. They could see a long distance. But in the rain all they could see were the tops of the trees. “We better get in the tent, it’s really starting to come down and we are already very wet” said Mary.  The tent was spacious, with a few sections and did a great job at keeping the rain out. The four changed into dry clothes. Mary laid the wet clothes in the section with the packs and put the sleeping bags in the main room. The four had sandwiches for dinner and talked for hours under the light from their lantern. The rain kept coming. It rain all night and throughout the next day. Although, it was raining they played games and talked. Laura and Andy were really enjoying their trip. 
The Fosters had plenty of food to last the two days they were planning to camp but they were planning to leave today and it was still raining. “I guess we should get packed up. I’m going to go down and look for a shorter way back to the car,” said Todd. Mary and the children began to get everything back in their packs. Todd came back in. “That was quick,” said Mary. “We are going to stay one more day. It is hard to see with all the rain but it looks like there is quite a bit of water at the bottom of the hill,” said Todd. Andy and Laura looked at each other, “Cool, no school!” replied Andy. They unpacked again. Mary suggested that they play a game of cards and the Fosters enjoyed another night in their tent.
The rain continued through the night but in the morning the rain had stopped. The four got up and went to see if the path was clear. But all they could see were the tops of trees and water all around. The water was much higher then Todd had thought the day before. The water level was three or four feet from the top of the hill. In every direction all they could see was a sheet of water still as glass. “We do not have much food left,” said Mary. “God will make a way,” replied Todd. Laura went to get her cell phone but she could not get a signal. She looked around and then at her children. She needs to have faith and hold strong to it.  “We have our chairs, it would be nice to be out of the tent and sit outside” said Laura. “Yes, it will,” replied Todd. The four got out their chairs. “Honey, you always wanted waterfront property,” said Todd. “That’s true, I always wanted to live by the water,” replied Mary. 
They sat and talked, as they looked around and pondered what would be next for them. They still had bread, peanut butter, and jelly, enough to last for a number of days. But they would run out of water soon, although none would say it. As the day went by and the sun began to set Andy noticed something floating toward the hill. “Dad, do you see that in the water?” said Andy. “I do, but I’m not sure what it is,” replied Todd. As it floated closer to the hilltop they could see it more clearly. It floated right up to the side of the hill. The four went down to the waters edge to see a group to sticks. They pulled all of the sticks out of the water. They laid the sticks out across the top of the hill to dry. “Maybe we can make a fire,” said Andy. “That’s a good idea,” replied Todd. 
Mary went into to tent to see what other supplies they have in their packs that could be used. Laura and Andy sat on the edge of the hill watching the water. “Maybe a picnic basket will float by,” said Andy. “I’d love some chips and a soda,” replied Laura. “It’s odd how quite it is now. No birds or squires” said Laura. Andy looked at Laura, looked down and then looked out in the distance. “They’ll be back,” he replied. As the sun began to set the Foster’s enjoyed their dinner of peanut butter and jelly. Mary turned on one of the lanterns that had been charging in the sun all day. “How about a game of go fish?” said Mary? The others agreed and the Fosters play cards and talked until the lantern began to loose light. Laura and Andy went into the tent and fell fast asleep. Mary and Todd sat close to each other looking at the stars in complete silence neither knowing what to say to the other. 
The next morning was cloudy but the sun did peek throw the clouds for a moment here and there. All of the Fosters woke with anticipation and hope that the water had receded overnight. But they found that the water had not gone down and may have even risen a bit. Mary when in to the tent and tried her cell phone again. Still no signal and the battery was dying. She began to make breakfast for her family “I guess we will have peanut butter and jelly again” said Mary. The Fosters sat outside their tent and enjoyed the morning and the glimpses of sun that pecked out throw the clouds. “We should be able to get a fire going today and boil some water for drinking,” said Todd. “We can clean out the cooler with a little of the boiled water and store the clean water there”. I also found soap in Laura’s pack, we can put that to good use” answered Mary. Laura and Andy walked around the top of the hill. More sticks were resting around the west end of the hill and the two scooped them out of the water and laid them out to dry. The two sat on the side of the hill looking off into the silent distance there was a “Plopp”. “Did you here that?” asked Laura. Andy had heard it too. They looked around and did not see anything. Laura walks back to the tent and shares the news of their find. 
Andy sat close to the water with his toes submerged in the water hoping to catch any other stick that may pass by. Andy laughs and looks down something was tickling his feet.  He runs call Dad, Dad. “What is it?” answered Todd. “Look, look in the water” Andy says.  Todd looks into the water. “Do you see them? Do you see the fish?” says Andy. “I do see them. Now we just need away to catch them,” said Todd. Mary came out of the tent. “Honey, there are fish” said Todd. “Do we have any long stick?” asked Mary. She went back into the tent and came out with thread, two fishing hooks, a pocketknife and a little peanut butter. Everyone took their turn fishing and collecting sticks around the sides of the hill.  
Later in the day Mary brought out a pot and a pan. It would take a long time to boil water in the pot but they would definitely have enough for a few days before they’d need to boil more drinking water. It was Laura’s turn to fish. Todd and Andy had each catch a fish but she had not caught anything. “Andy, I think the hook is caught on something,” said Laura. Andy came and gentle tried to nudge the hook free. Then Todd tried. The hook was really stuck on something but they could not see what. Andy got a rope from their supplies. It would be hard for the rest of the family to pull Todd back in if they needed too. But maybe they could they could let Andy out to see what it is held up on. Mary said, “Wait, we may have something better.” She went back into the tent and came out with what looked like a flat plastic sheet. As she unfolded it, they saw it was a small inflatable raft. They blow up the raft and Todd tied the rope around his waist but when he laid on the raft is sunk too deep for him to swim out to the hook. Andy said, “Let me go. Even if the raft cannot hold me, I should be able to easily swim out and back. I am on the swim team.” Mary and Todd looked at each other and agreed. Andy floated out on the raft and followed the tread. He could not see what it was held up on so he dove in a moment later he came back up with a big smile on his face. “Dad, I’m going to need your help,” said Andy. 
Todd swam out to Andy holding the rope all the way. The two dove down under the water and up they can with a metal tub the put the tub on the raft and swam back to the hill. They wonder where it had come from and how it was used. The tub had two handles and it was large enough to sit in. 
“Let’s look for some rocks to put around a fire pit” said Todd. The family looked around and in time found a dozen or so rocks to put around the outside of a fire pit. Todd began to dig the fire pit on the east end of the hill. Laura picked up the fishing line and through it into the water. Mary brought out a stand to place over the fire along with the pot and the pan. Andy walked around the edge of the hill collecting more sticks and rocks. The fire pit was ready. Todd began to stack the sticks into the pit and dropped a match. But the fire did not start. The wood was still a little damp. So they used a part of the map and to get the fire started. It worked but the fire was weak. They needed to add more to the fire to keep it going. Laura brought out the book that she had been reading and began to tear the pages of the book and put them into the fire. That helped. Andy added some more sticks that were now dry. Before long they had a good fire going. Mary took the pot and scooped up some water and placed the pot over the fire on the rack. Before long the water began to boil. They were all very happy. The first pot of water they used to clean the inside of the cooler; half to wash it and the other half to rinse out the soapy water. For hours they would boil water, let it cool a little and pour it into the cooler. 
As the sun began to go down, the Fosters had been able to fill the cooler with more water then they had hoped. They also catch a few fish that Todd and Andy cleaned. Mary put the fish into the frying pan and the family sat around the camp fire talking about their day and all that the accomplished. Mary asked,” What are we going to do with that metal tub?” Todd answered, “We could use it for washing”. Mary said, “That’s a lot of water to boil”. Todd replied, “We maybe able to take a couple of the rocks and put them into the water and heat it up that way.” “Will that work?” replied Andy. “I think it will. We will have to see,” said Todd. The Fosters enjoyed their fish dinner. It was a nice change. As night fell, Laura and Andy went into the tent, falling fast to sleep. Todd and Mary sat by the fire hoping that it would last until morning but knowing it would be out before dawn. As they looked up at the clear night sky they wonder how long they would be on the hilltop and if anyone would be in the area looking for them. Laura said a little pray as she fell off to sleep; “Lord, thank you for keeping my family together and safe. Thank you for providing everything for us today and please Lord, continue providing for us tomorrow. And please get us home safe, in your name Lord I pray. Amen.”
To Be Continued…….

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