What Am I To All?

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Written for my oldest daughter first, then after she got a hold on my youngest daughter it was meant for her too. How is it, that a single mom, raising three daughters can wind up regretting having any of them. I do love these two, but I'm done. They have all put me through hell and back and all I ever did was try to raise them properly, loving and caring for them always, giving them all that I had. I absolutely adore the 8 grandchildren they have given me. Believe me when I tell you, I pray constantly that the grand kids DO NOT turn out like their parents. For two are drug addicts beyond help and one is Satin. I have never done anything to deserve these children and what they have done to me, put me through and more importantly, what they put their own children though. I still pray for my kids, but I pray more for my grand kids. God help them if they start in their mothers directions.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013




What am I...... so powerful I could take over your life and collapse your world? I don’t discriminate by colors of skin, by religion, between boys or girls.

I can bring down empires, consume your mind. I could hold you so tight .. that you may never escape, my grasp. What am I so powerful, what am I you ask?

You would die for me, and eventually you will.... If I get a good enough grip on you, you will even kill.

I could take everything from you without a fight. I will drain your days and all of your nights.

I am not God nor Jesus, I’m not even Satin, I am what I am... there is no mistaken.

If you ever left me, I’d haunt you the rest of your life. I am in your veins... your blood.... and I exist to bring you strife.

I cause worldwide destruction, depression, despair, you would desert your family for me and not even care.

To know me is to love me, you would lie, cheat and steal to keep me by your side. You would lose your dignity, your compassion and what you have left of your pride.

I can destroy your mothers sanity and tear your baby from your breast without your care... just watch.... just wait... I’ll get you there.

I will eat at your soul and ruin your mind, take your senses, your memories and all that was kind.

You will love only me after a short while, nothing will be more important than I.... you will surrender all material possessions and never ask why.

It is the people who made me what I am today, I was created to take your life away.

I am so powerful, so hard to resist, you will seek others I have on my list.

Don’t you get it, don’t you understand? I am so powerful, more powerful than man.

You knew of my power, the consequences, the risk. You had it all... but you chose this.

You chose me.. . to consume your complete self, you used me and used me and didn’t want help.

I want your children, your siblings, your friends as well, this is what I do... welcome to hell.

You will long for me deeply, until we meet again. Unless of course ... I take your life before then.

Those who have loved you, will lose all hope.... ah, what am I? ..... Yes I am dope.

My name.... they call me meth, crystal meth. I will smother you and take your very last breath.

How’s your life now, that I’ve taken control? Is it all you imagined, is it? Is it so?

If your answer is yes, then I have won... but wait..... just wait.... you may have a chance yet... but only just one.....
you can call on the best............ The lord and his son.
Written originally for my daughter Tara, and now Kendra. I hope you both make it. I love you.

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