An Arranged Marriage Story: A Chance at Romance

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Shayna is one of those normal town girls, living life with a 5 days a week job. She doesn't get hung up on any famous celebs-after all, for one she's never met them so how can she truely like them? For two, when would she ever meet someone famous?


Tristan's a big time celeb, 17 years old. But one night he comes home to find out something he never wanted. An arrianged marriage-when Tristan was a baby, his parents and Shayna's parents made a deal. At the time, Shayna's family were the rich ones and Tristan's needed money. Now it was the other way round, and they must still get married.
Through the years, the two families drifted apart. Now they're being pulled back together, in an awkward way.

Shayna isn't going to make this easy.

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Submitted: April 06, 2010

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