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Pick a path my friend

Submitted: April 09, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



A soul awaken to a strange sight, a lone women in white standing in a courtyard full of black roses. The women speaks with kindness these words, "You my dear, yes you, please follow me there's no time we must hurry before he gets here, please call me L." They follow the women with each step their memories past one by one sudden the women stops and ahead is a man dressed in black who's holding a white rose and says "Don't believe those that guide you blindly, she is not what she appears." "Why must you stops the fun D, they still haven't done what needs to be done." Said L "I know my dear but not everyone finishes what they started, my path is easiest to take unlike yours which is always changing." Said D "One choice is all that it takes to enter my kingdom." "One choice and that it, only a fool takes a shortcut on a beautiful path. D why are you so envious of me what did I do to deserve this?" Cried out L "This is taking too long how about we let our guess pick, I mean we can only show our talents off and try to convince them, but the choice is their's not ours. So what do you say L?" "Fine, pick my dear the path that will bring you... and other happiness." "Pick one, the easy path or the ever changing one, the golden treasure or the familiar toy." The women guides the lost soul into door housing bright light, after the soul passes she walks up to the man. "Death, Is my gift that terrible people that wish to waste it?" Said L "No my dear Life your gift is something that is ever giving. Each person that receives it does something that helps other from giving affection to making other happy... I'm the one gives the terrible gift, my gift brings sadness and emptiness it forces people to become narrow minded and pick the easy path, that path that causes other to fall under my spell." Said Death "that's why I'm envious of you and your gift. You're a beautiful lie that everyone believes while I'm the ugly truth everyone hates to learn at the end of time." The two embrace each other and kiss good bye... All is to begin anew, another wounded soul has reach their kingdom.

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