Making of something Wonderful

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A small piece of a working on a book.

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012




Do you every wish you were someone else? Wishing all your hurts and pains could be someone else's hurts and pains? Or wish you were that friend or family member that just seems like they have it all together and their life is so prefect? Well welcome to my world, The name is Johnny. Johnny E. Wik, yeah I know, I sound like a nerd but I'm not to much of one.... Well so I like to think so, I am on way back to my home town in Moseke Kansas; it's a town of about 54,00 people which isn't to big, not small either. I lived there for about 9 years of my life then we moved away because my Dad was offered a great job as a project manger for a develop company. So off to New York city me and my family went; leaving everything I new behind me. My Dad died this year, Yeah I know poor me, or "man that sucks" as my good friend Bill Marks put it once, so my Mom thinks it to be a good idea to move back to Kansas... back to Moseke Kansas; somewhere I never saw myself going back too, see I came to love New York city, the big rush in the morning, the smell of bakeries making beagles, Taxis honking their horns at one another yelling at one another "MY GRANDMOTHER THAT LIVES IN JERSY DRIVES BETTER!", something new always coming and going! You never get bored with it all. But then there is Kansas all they have is fields of nothing and cows oh and bad storms... Don't get me wrong New York as its ups and its downs but you just learn how to evade the downs if you know what I mean. But anyway back to Kansas.... My mother and my sister. Oh wait! I'm sorry, I forgot my manners please forgive me, my mothers name is Rose I know I don't care for it either. And my sister, MY younger sister, her name is Katy. Okay now that is all said an done, you will find my mother and Katy and of course, myself heading back to my home town where my parents were born and there parents were as well besides my grandfather, which gets to why we are moving back, the only grandparent I have left is my Dad's Father, My mother thought it would be good if me and my sister to still have a "dad" like figure around, and to spend more time with the "old goat" as I heard my mom talk about him once to my Dad some years ago. For some unknown reason we still owned our old house on 15th street in our subdivision, as if my parents were actuality thinking of coming back to Moseke Kansas one day or something. But all in all things happen for some reason as I'm told, for good, or worse, weather you take it the right way, or the wrong. So make the best of what you got, which isn't much if you ask me. 


The windows are down, the radio is playing some lame song I have heard a million times but it's a song that Katy and mother like so I don't EVEN try to change it: If you get my point: I like were my head is, sitting right on my shoulders where it belongs. We have been in the car way, way to long be about 5 hours sense our last stop and I have drink about a gallon or water and well I really need to make a stop: nothing else needs to be said Ha" Mom I really need to make a pit stop, like no joke like now". Well Johnny I don't see anything coming up" sounding annoyed because i didn't get out at the last stop. "I guess just look on the GPS and see if anything is coming up, because it doesn't look like right now that anything is ahead of us for some time sweetheart". Just great. so crossing my legs I started looking for the Dam GPS to find somewhere to "relieve myself"( though I would be happy enough if she would just pull over, I have no problems letting it hang lose out in the middle of no where specially when I feel like it will go off like a adam bomb."Katy do you see where that daa.m..nng GPS is, my mother started to give that look that says " If you say that word: good luck in me pulling over for you but to kick you side ways"). No, I haven't seen it. "Can you help me look for it? looking at her as if I was going to grab her by her hair so hard it might reap right out ( which is what I'm about to do if I can't get out of this dam car!) "Here, it was at my feet" my sister says as she hands it to me. Of course it was; I say with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. " there is a gas station five miles ahead". Well can you hold it till then? "yes Mom I think I can hold it till then long as you go a hundred mph! "don't you get smart with me! she said with a "mother glare" you know what I mean by that, the look that says "stop that or your in trouble from across the room when she is on the phone or talking to someone in the store; the one that chills your soul or scares even the dead. All mothers have it so it seems. But we made it to the gas station without me pissing in my pants, though I most have looked funny walking like a penguin to the bathroom because i heard my Sister and Mom laughing when i jumped out of the car(" though I did not find it funny at all)".

It was getting late now so Mom let me take over the driving which I was thankful for, there was something nice about driving that i really enjoyed though I haven't had my license for a long at all so I hadn't done much driving really but there was something peaceful in driving for me and it put me in just a place of deep thought specially with just open road ahead of me and nothing really a round it seemed for miles." I'm going to take a nap for a bit sweet heart wake me in a hour or so? "yeah mom I will" looks like your sister is already nocked out: my mom says turning in her sit back at my sister, I look in the rear view mirror to see her with her mouth wide open and a small sliver or droll down the side "aww she so cute I said with a laugh and a eivlish smile" she is cute johnny, Mom says with a big small on her face. she then leaned in her sit a wiped the slim off my sisters face sat back down and closed her eyes; she was out in the first minute. So there i was just me and the road now why the lady's slept, I started to think about my life in New York and my dad, it started to make me cry, "it still hurts to think about it to much, I need to think of something else" I said to myself out loud with out thinking, my mom gave a grunt ( I guess woman can give a grunt?) my bad" I think I almost woke her, so lets think about something else I told myself, but what? Mmmm.. I wonder what Moseke is like I don't really remember much about it". I wonder if Mike is still there? Mike was one (well the only) friend I kept in touch with really till I was about 14 he even came up to New York 2 times but for some reason we lost touch, I guess I let my life get to busy, " I'm sure he is still their, I mean why wouldn't he be? I thought. he was a good friend when I was little, I remember their was three of us we where like a gage it was Me, Mike, and Henry, Mom told me me where like three musketeers always getting into trouble together, playing together, naps all that jazz when your a kid and there was Alice, she was a girl that didn't have "cooties" that could hang out with us and me and her where "sweet on one another" my dad told me once with is great deep laugh. I'm trying now to imagine what they all look like now but I'm drawling a plank or just weird ugly people that kinda made me laugh out loud a little, Mike was the only one I really have see in years but that still was almost 2 years ago now. I never new at that moment that my old childhood friends would become a part of my life story and would be there for one another till the end nor did I think that this next 2 years of my life would bring the joy back into my heart after my fathers death and would put me in the place to become a man. I never new, well hell who ever knows these kinda things before they happen or when they are happening too us . 

I would soon find out things where going to be a lot different for me. It had be more then in hour when I finally pulled out of my thoughts and picturing what lay ahead me in my birthplace, "shit mom told me to wake her in a hour, it's been close to two now.. well I'm not sleepy she can sleep some more and we got plenty of gas and I'll get yelled at all the same I do believe, so I'll just keep on truck'in: I laugh, The stars looked amazing out in the open fields that lay before me, faust and beautiful I felt at that second everything that had be weighting on me was gone and at peace. But just for that second and it was gone.


The sun looked like it was about to come out of the earth in it's full blaze and beauty, I had been driving for about 5 hours stopped once for gas but my mother nor my sister woke up when I stop which I was thankful for ( I liked the peace and quite after spending over 20 hours stuck with them, don't get me wrong I love my sister and mother and enjoy being around them but... I'm a guy and there is only so much I can take of the mother sister "love" if you know what I mean if not... lucky haha. I'm just playing you are missing out for real; but back to the road."Mom wake up where only 2 hours away" w..w..what? my mother says with a shake and turns to me to get the sleep off her. How long was I out for? why didn't you wake me? and did you say where only 2 hours away? she says with a look of anger, gratefulness for letting her sleep and a puzzled look too. "yes, we are almost there and I new you could use the sleep ( that and I wanted to have time to myself but I just kept that part to myself)". Well thank you sweet heart, that means a lot to me and yes I did need to sleep for sure. would you like me to take over now?" sure I don't really know where to go after I get off the high way anyway. "I don't either really my mom said with a laugh. and then there was a cry from the beast... can't a girl get her beauty sleep? When I find a beauty and a girl I'll tell you the answer to that I said with a little evil laugh as my sister gave me a look of anger and displeased with the answer I gave her. "what am I then my mom said joining me in the laugh, your a mother so mothers don't count as girls" oh, I didn't know this" true fact I googled it once with a laugh I said"' you would my sister said popping her head in between the sits. so? google answers all. "so it would tell me when I become a beauty and a girl smarty pants? "possible. but their is no guarantees that you can become any of those things I said with a big laugh and smile though my sister was giving me quite the other. " okay you two; my mom said with a laugh, cute the jokes, baby you are beautiful and a lady and you son of mine are smart, to smart for your own good; she takes a long look at me" and google does not tell all, you should try something else to get the information you need somewhere else because I think you are being feed lies." I said it tells all, I never said anything about truth" Okay smart ass She says and gives me a slap on the shoulder

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