The tragic alternative to ever after.

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A poem about the girl who both saved and destroyed me.

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



Your green eyes haunt my nightmares.

My sins were to much for you to bear.

So you fled without a care.

You picked me up from the whole that was my life.

Saved me from a world of bitterness and strife.

Showed me a brand new life.

But then you fled.

Now inside I feel all but dead.

Now the thought of dreaming I dread.

What more can truly be said?

But oh you saved me!

Oh you saved me!


What a joke.


Oh how you played me.

How you slayed me.


We were lost you and I.

I wanted so for us to fly.

You wanted so for us to die.


So woe are we!

Woe are we.

The others can not begin to see.



But then you left.

You stole my very breath.


Now alone in the dark i again sit.

While with another your wings do flit.

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