Nobody Left

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A young man uploads himself to the internet.

Submitted: October 21, 2013

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Submitted: October 21, 2013





Winston sat surrounded by blue tooth devices, their lights flashed while they upload saved data. The digital cameras feeding both home video and personal photo files to the desktop computer, which ironically sat under the desk. He was online filling out numerous questions, each one more intrusive than the last. An external storage device holding all Winston's favourite music and films transferred data to his computer. This network of equipment hummed with noise as the hungry computer compiled all the information and pinged it to a Government website. Winston had completed a preferences questionnaire, an I.Q. test, a personality test, and was now filling out a problem solving test. Three hours later of uploading everything to the Government there was a knock at the door. When Winston opened the door a courier stood with a parcel in one hand and an eye scanner in the other. “Mr Churchill?” asked the stranger.

“Yes,” replied Winston.

The eye scanner blinded him and the courier added, “parcel for ya.”.



Winston opened the parcel at his computer and unveiled a cap filled with electrodes. Placing it on his head he flicked the switch on and currents travelling through the air from the supply in the roof powered the cap. Electrodes measured brain activity as Winston watched various images on his computer screen. When the results were complete they fed back to the computer, while the screen displayed a progress bar. The bar reached 99 percent and a message flashed up, “so we can complete the brain activity readings you will now be fatally electrocuted”. Winston grasped the cap to late to remove it and stiffened in his chair. A message on the screen popped up;

“Upload failed.

Unable to create Winston Churchill online.

Please try again.”

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