Turtle Island - The Collection

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This is a collection of short stories about a man stranded on Turtle Island, who casts a 'message in a bottle' out to sea asking for help.
Each story is under 220 words, so they really are short stories.

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



Turtle Island



A distressed man put his message in a bottle and cast it to the sea.


Kenny found the bottle washed ashore, and read the note inside;

'HELP. I have run out of food and drink, and I'm stuck on Turtle Island,' he read the other-side 'Premium Bitter Lemonade.'


Kenny felt obliged to help so went home... to collect his rucksack, inflatable dinghy, and oars.

Kenny returned to the beach, and noticing the grey clouds above, he rowed out to sea, on the choppy waves. Nearing Turtle Island he saw a sharks fin. The boat rocked violently, threatening to capsize. The shark swam behind him, and Kenny paddled faster. The boat hit something hard with a thud. It was land. Pulling his boat ashore, he secured. He walked round the island, till he found the only person on the Island.


Kenny didn't want to wake the man, in-case he got angry. He put his rucksack next to the man, got in his 2 man dinghy and left the Island.

The man woke and saw the rucksack laid next to him, with the bottle rested on-top of the bag. He tipped the bottle, and a piece of paper fell out. The note said;

'In the bag is the food and drink you wanted'.




Turtle Island Revisited




The man put his message in a bottle and cast it to the sea.



The bottle floated towards Kenny as he swam in the sea. He rushed back to the beach with the bottle, and tipped the note out. It read;


'HELP. I'm still marooned on Turtle Island without a boat.'



Kenny ran home to grab a brown bag and his inflatable dinghy, then returned to the beach.


Kenny rowed out to sea in his 2 man boat. Avoiding any sharks, he safely beached himself on Turtle Island.



Kenny found the man asleep under a tree. So left the brown bag and a bottle next to the sleeping man. Then went home in his 2 man inflatable.


The man woke to see the bag and bottle. Taking the note out of the bottle he read it;


'In the bag is all my savings so you can buy an inflatable dinghy like mine'.



Turtle Island - Third Time Lucky



The man put his message in a bottle and cast it to the sea.



Kenny saw the bottle sat in the sand while the tide was out. Popping the cork free he read the note inside;


'HELP. I'm marooned on Turtle Island and really miss my family.'



Kenny rushed home and searched for a notepad and pen, before taking his dinghy to the beach again.


Nothing worth noting happened on the journey to Turtle Island.



Kenny left the bottle next to the man sleeping under the tree, and went home in his 2 man boat.


The man woke and emptied the bottle. Inside was a note, scrap paper and pen. The note explained;


'Please write the names, and contact details of your family on the scrap paper. Return via the bottle. Then I will arrange a boat to bring your family too you.'



Turtle Island – Four and Four Quarters!



The man hasn't learnt his lesson and cast the bottle into the sea.


Kenny for the purpose of the story was on the beach and saw the bottle in the sea. He collected it to have a look at the contents (or this story wouldn't be worth telling). The contents turned out to be bits of scrap paper with the names and contact details of all the marooned man's family.



So the joke can work, Kenny rushes home and gets a diary and his dinghy, then returns to the beach.


For a smooth transition of the story Kenny gets in his boat and rows to Turtle Island. Disappointingly nothing happens along the way.



Kenny knows by now where to find the sleeping man and leaves the diary and bottle next to him, and then leaves in his 2 man dinghy.


The man wakes up, sighs and notices the diary while removing the note from the bottle. The message said;


'I forgot to ask when you want your family to visit? Why not pick a day you're free. Tear that page out of the diary, and send it back in the bottle. Then I can organise for your family to come visit you.'



Turtle Island – The FITH Attempt



Exacerbated, the man cast the bottle into the sea one more time.


Nonchalantly Kenny waits on the beach for the bottle. When it arrives he pops the cork off and removes the torn page of diary. Noticing writing on it, he reads carefully;


'Can you just get them here now?'



Kenny goes home, makes a lot of phone calls, gets his dinghy, then returns to the beach.


Kenny makes it to Turtle Island.



Kenny finds the sleeping man and puts a bottle next to him, then leaves in his 2 man dinghy.


The man wakes up and notices the bottle. The message in the bottle said;


'The date you chose had passed before I found the bottle. But I still rang all your family and asked them to visit you straight away. They all said it's a nice offer, but too short notice.'

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