Kimi Falls - Prologue

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A lone cabin in the woods, secluded from prying eyes, offers an escape from the modern world. However, it also presents an opportunity for an ancient evil to be unleashed and unrestrained.

This will be an ongoing story that will updated weekends. Check back as it will continue to grow, and if you enjoy, please leave a comment!

Submitted: November 05, 2010

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Submitted: November 05, 2010




Twisting her wrists against the restraints that held her arms to the bedpost Jessica lifted her head from the pillow to look about the room. It was a small one-room cabin with minimal furniture. Aside from the bed upon which she lay there was an old wooden table with two chairs just below a window next to the front door. Jessica looked out the window and wondered what time it was. From where she lay she could see that darkness had already fallen and the stars were visible in the pitch-black sky. The dark shadows of a forest of trees could be seen a few hundred feet away from the cabin. The moon was just starting to make it’s way up from behind the distant mountains casting eerie shadows across the room. She wondered if she was able to free herself would she be able to make a dash for the woods in an attempt to escape?

Twisting her head the other way, she looked to the back of the cabin where she could see a door slightly ajar. She could just make out a white shower curtain decorated with large yellow sunflowers past the door. Next to the bathroom door was a large chest of drawers. A few of the handles upon it were missing and those that remained seemed somewhat tarnished from years of use. The dark wood didn’t match the bed or the nightstands. Rather, the entire furnishings to the cabin seemed to be an eclectic gathering of garage sale items. It was obvious that this was not someone’s regular home, but a weekend retreat. She wondered if anyone would be close enough to hear her scream. Given the hour-long drive upon the bumpy dirt trail she doubted there was another human for miles in every direction.

Just then, the front door open and a large man filled the entrance. She looked in his direction with some fear. He casually tossed a set of keys upon the table and they made a scraping jingle noise before coming to rest near the edge. He stood in the doorway looking at her for a few minutes, one hand resting upon the door handle, before closing the door with a soft click. His hand reaches behind his back, and returns holding a five-inch long bowie knife that shines in the moonlight. He runs a thumb across the blade, testing the edge, and when he’s satisfied at the cutting ability, moves toward the bed.

His heavy footsteps speak to the substantial heft to his body. She can see that he’s quite tone and muscular and he moves with an agility that speaks to years of playing sports. He has a pair of older jeans that are frayed at the cuff where they cover a pair of sturdy hiking boots. He wears a black puffer vest, buttoned up half way covering a blue and white plaid shirt. He settles himself down upon the bed next to her hips and she feels the bed sink toward him. She struggles against the restraints again, attempting to pull her hands free, but the rope remains tight upon her wrists and ankles.

Jessica’s captor takes the knife, and rests it next to the pillow upon the bed. She can see a sly smile touch the corner of his mouth, as he knows the knife is just outside her reach. She kicks her knees, hoping to be able to kick his back, to knock him off the bed… but her struggles are useless and only serve to dig the rope into her skin. His amused gaze follows her body. Admiring the curves of her breasts, her hips, and her legs. She can almost feel his gaze, as he mentally undresses her. Enjoying the moment with his sight, as a wine connoisseur might enjoy the color of a wine, before smelling, then finally tasting. He leans over slightly and reaches his hand across her body. She can feel his hand rest upon her side, just next to her breast. She can feel his calloused hand thru her t-shirt as it slides down her ribs and reaches her side. He moves his hand inward, resting his palm upon her stomach.

Mustering up some courage, Jessica looks to her captor and in a horse voice asks, “What are you going to do? Please, don’t hurt me….” The last part of her sentence comes out with a crack in her voice as she becomes ever more afraid. Not answering her, the stranger reaches down to her pants button. Fondling it for a moment, his attention seems to be lost in thought. She glances again at the door, wondering if she could get to the car in time. Her attention is pulled back as he unsnaps her jeans and grips her zipper in his fingers and pulls downward. She can feel as his fingers slip into her pants, first tracing along the top of her panties. He plays with this for a bit, before hooking his index finger under the top of her panties to pull down slightly to reveal the top of her neatly trim hair. Leaning forward, he places his lips lightly upon her skin. She can feel the stubble of his face as it prickles her soft white skin. His chin lightly bumps upon her and a shiver emanates from deep in her body. She feels his other hand as it slides up her shirt and grasps her breast. His thumb slides across her now erect nipple as his palm cups and squeezes her.

With a throaty voice, sounding almost exhausted from a good workout, Jessica whispers, “OK, get these fucking ropes off me Thomas. I want you now… I can’t take this!”

Letting out a chuckle, Thomas grabs the knife from next to her, and cuts the rope holding her right hand to the corner of the bed. Once freed, she reaches out, and grasps the back of his head and entwines her fingers within his short hair. Reaching across her, for her left hand, she sees his new wedding ring upon his finger shine as the moon rises higher in the night. Excited to share their first night together as newlyweds, she grabs the knife from his hand and quickly slices the remaining ropes from her ankles before tossing the knife to the side, sending it spinning across the hardwood floor, only to disappear below the dresser.

Outside, the noise of an excited and passionate wedding night fades into the distance. Unseen by either one of them, a shadow twists unnaturally from beneath their car. Keeping to the shadows, it works along the edge of the car, and toward the side wall of the cabin…

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