Locked Up in Four Walls of Life

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how you with you could pause time

Submitted: June 06, 2008

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Submitted: June 06, 2008



There I am locked up with uncertainty
And all I see is the world spinning all around me
I wish time was not a race
A fear not to face
But time is like a wall
When it is gone we could fall
You wish for a miracle to hold on longer
One more little thing to make you stronger
We ask for just a little longer
Because time is all we have
And then it’s back to reality
And all that's left is a memory
A picture and a life you can't create
To keep with you the faith
Of the one who wants to pause time with you
But life is not that easy
For it loves to tease me
Suffocating me from freedom
Taking me away from my fairy tale kingdom
Running and feeling something I haven’t felt before
Keeping me captive
Shielding me from dreams
And stripping me from happiness
And sleeping with no regret
How much time is left?
Where’s this miracle that seemed almost there?
Has the dream that I heard of disappeared?
Leaving me defenseless without a meaning?
How do I live…life?
If i'Im locked up in these four walls
 Without the key
With no way out
My life’s been folded out for me.
In the blink of an eye time could be gone
How could it see in to my eyes like open doors?
Save me from theses four walls
 Before everything is gone without hope
When I finally find my miracle
Bring on the thunder and the rain
The lightning and the sun
Give me breath
To break free
To breath the air I have missed
To no longer be in debt to your priceless advice
Even though I wish for time to pause
It never ends

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