Before Birth

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Submitted: August 02, 2019

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Submitted: August 02, 2019



I remember before coming out of the womb.

I was floating in the atmosphere of the sky in energy form or my spirit body.

I could see earth below me.

I flew straight up into space orbit and reach the end of the universe.

I flew back down onto earth.

Then I see a black screen, full of darkness.

Then I saw a white dot.

I saw the white dot and stare at it.

And suddenly it got bigger and bigger.

When the dot got bigger, it was a light.

The light got towards the face that I realized I came out of the womb.

Then I hear a voice within say ‘Don’t forget …. ‘ and then I fainted as a 5 month baby.

So I know that their are people who have witness the same thing where they see a white dot and came out of the womb.

I have no beginning, this life is my beginning, I have no past life, I have no past lover. 

I proceed out from the spirit with no past background.

Then when I learned how to see the dot again by the Supersoul (Portal Technique), I realize one can go to another world or womb without facing painful death.

So one would go onward in life as immortal being of soul moving to another body all the times instead of facing hell and heaven. You no longer face or taste death.

But that’s my story of how I came into this world, I came out the spirit energy or the energy itself and boom, here I am in the world with this body fetter by the three mode of natures.

Did you also see the dotted light before you got out of the womb?

what did you see before you came out the womb?

What time or year did you came from?

Did you hear any voice?

But you see, you are immortal. Their no more death.

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