God and his Chest Hair

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God: "why me?"

Submitted: January 18, 2015

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Submitted: January 18, 2015



When god turned 3 he started to grow chest hair, everything was good.

When god's chest hair turned 3 it started to inhabit Creatures.

When the creatures turned 3 they started to chop down the chest hair to build houses.

After 3 years nearly all the chest hair was gone. Knowing the end of the chest hair would be the end of the creatures, god spat on some of the last chest hairs to make it magical.

The creatures liked to smoke the magical chest hair to share in gods thoughts so they decided to harvest it.

To gods delight this ensured the survival of his chest hair although the creatures start to wander, so he fenced off the surrounding areas and criminalised the magical chest hair.

After 3 years of the opening of schools, prisons, governments, libraries and the discovery of the internet god admits he lost control a while ago.

God goes to sleep and so starts the waiting game till he can show his face again.

Be it through apocalyptic answers or peace and unity. God's not fussed.  

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