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A song I wrote with my best friend over msn. He was playing the melodie over and over again, while I was working on the lyrics. I've uploaded an early version of the song too, but it has changed a lot since then. Also, it was recorded with really bad equipment, so the quality isn't that good. And don't mind the crap we were saying before and after.

Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



I went down to a rock & roll show
Fell in love with a girl you know
(She) said her name and I said hello
She plays guitar like a rock & roll pro
She moves around like a queen
(I) like the girl that’s named Christine
I love to hear her sing
And the way she hits those strings
Fell in love with the music she plays
(She) plays old rock from the early days
Her voice sounds like a cry
We all know her music won't die
She said her dad was Angus young
And she sings with a devil’s tongue
I asked her out on a date
It felt like I was her soul mate
I like that old time rock
It takes me right into shock
Last time in that marquee
I saw her newest Gibson SG
All my love on that stage
Not even at drinking age
Why was she always mean?
It turned out, she was only sixteen
(Chorus 2x)
She puts my heart on fire
Nothing but desire
Only me and you
(I) knew just what to do, Christine

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