The Darkness That lurks

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a short poem story this is my first upload im looking for real advice and what you honestly think about it
(inspired by alan wake)

Submitted: July 14, 2010

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Submitted: July 14, 2010



I am sorry I cannot tell you the story from the beginning.

So there I was stood over my own blood waiting for the

Final blow I could not tell you the humiliation I felt it

Was a burden that was tugging upon my soul hindering

My every move I felt the shadows grow stronger the

Air I was breathing getting dirty the smell of the

Corruption was filling my lungs I felt the darkness

Slowly take over my every thought. But I could not

Stop not yet I had to find her I could not let her life

Be taken for my own pitiful mistake it was my fault

This started I could not help but keep going on I was

Driven by emotions and my survival instinct was

At its full strength taking over my own mind changing

Me with every thought it was about survival I was even

Using my self as a resource to slow those things down.

I am sorry I do get ahead of my self at least let me describe

What these creatures are, They are made of nightmares the

Stalkers that stalk your childhood dreams and turn them into

Nightmares. There breath hung in the air almost like spilled

Blood in the ocean. I had to find a way out of this but it

seemed like there was no way out. I was always looking

For a light to lead the way but there was no light in this

Hellish plain only death pain and misery we thought

This get away would be a nice break to get away

From everything I was wrong for the first time in

Proud life I could admit I was wrong I probably

Never treated her how she deserved to be treated

She was everything to me and I treated her like a

Piece of dirt clinging onto my shoes she was

My inspiration my life I wish I could tell her

This but I know when I find her all ill be able

To give her is a bullet in her face. This was a

Horrible thought I wanted to be haunted by

Her beauty not her brutality, she was turned

By those creatures and I did not help her

I ran like the coward I am but now I need

To help her I need to find her I am sure

I can turn her back and like I told you before

If she cannot be helped I have only one

Alternative. But back to where I started

I fell to my knees and looked upon the

Burning stars and whispered to myself

“I love you” I knew she would not hear

me But this was all I could do I looked at

The blackened water and could not

Help but think of the creatures that

Lurked below as this thought of nightmares

Struck my mind a loud disorientating gurgle

Came from behind me I turned around to see

A twisted shadow of a man dragging a axe

Behind him like a child and her teddy bear

His face was enshrouded by shadows

His facial features where hidden by the corruption

His lipped separated from each other making a twisted

Smile a noise erupted from his mouth it seemed like a

Twisted laugh. Then suddenly a bright light shun into my

Eyes then I heard her say “do not worry you will be fine”

When my eyes adjusted I saw her my fiancé she was a

Twisted deformed monster some sort of mother to the

Taken ones she told me not to worry and let them take

Me I thought to my self I have not come this for to

Become one of them so I looked around and saw a

Generator then it struck me a moment from my

Childhood back in biology class I learned blood

Was a energy conductor there was clearly enough of my

Blood on the floor to use to kill this fucking monster

As I looked up at her I was dumb struck by love then as

She went to strike me I just managed to doge her attack without

Falling into the corrupt lake I raised my gun and shot the two

Creatures suckling from there brood mother then I had just more than enough blood by her feet I grabbed a wire from the generator

Then I snapped the plastic cover to reveal the copper wire

And threw it onto the blood surrounding her she let a

Tremendous scream erupt from her lungs hundreds of insects flew out from her mouth as she burned in her own child’s blood she fell

To the floor I stumbled over to her With the axe her child had in its hands and chopped her Head off and with that her body burst into flames and her ashes

Blew into the corrupted water I thought to my self that bitch got bloodrocuted! I stumbled off the pier onto a boat and used it to get

Out of that crazy place. For the people who find this never ever go to

The town of Centralia or you will end up like me telling this exact story

To the others in the asylum.

Daryl Toki Connar mcCreadie.

© Copyright 2018 toki. All rights reserved.

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