Worlds Collide Ch. 3

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Chapter 3's here :D I promise you it gets better ^_^

Submitted: August 19, 2013

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Submitted: August 19, 2013



Anastasia’s P.O.V
Anastasia: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Stefani: Sorry for waking you up, but just listen to me okay?
Anastasia: Something wrong? What happened? Why are you smiling like a fool?
Stefani: We have awesome neighbors!
Anastasia: And by awesome you mean geeks?
Stefani: No..He’s hot.
Anastasia: Who?
Stefani: Matt.
Anastasia: Who’s Matt?
Stefani: Oh will you stop asking questions and I’ll tell you!
So after listening to Stefani go on and on about how cute this guy is we eventually fell asleep.
The next morning when I woke up I got ready and left for school. The day seemed so long, only because I was supposed to play tennis with Cody after school.
The day went be as slow as possible and when school was finally over I felt a bit nervous. I wanted to go so bad but something kept pulling me back.
The minute I walked out of school I saw Cody waiting for me and I felt butterflies. He is a cutie. 
After an amazing game with him we sat down for a bit on a bench and talked. He put his arm around me. I don’t know why but I felt like I needed to ask him something. “Why haven’t you added me on facebook yet?” just came out of my lips. “I don’t have one!” was all he replied and we sat there in silence until I felt my phone buzz and it was a text from Stefani “Where are you?”.
Cody walked me home. But since I asked him that earlier something doesn’t feel right. I need to find out what’s going on.

Stefani’s P.O.V
Anastasia came home and she seemed a bit moody. I was just listening to “Knockin on Heavens door” by Guns N’ Roses and she walked in the room yelling that she was knocking on our door and I didn’t hear her. What’s up with that?
Stefani: What’s wrong?
Anastasia: I don’t even know. Cody. He’s been acting weird.
Stefani: What do you mean?
Anastasia: Nothing. Can you pass me the lap top?
Stefani: Sure. Oh, and um. We’re having a movie night.
Anastasia: A movie night?
Stefani: Yeah, Matt and a friend of his are coming over.
Anastasia: That guy you met yesterday?
Stefani: That’s him!
Anastasia: When are they coming?
Stefani: Ummm..They should be here any minute.
Anastasia: Well I have some things I need to finish. I’ll be in our room. Have fun on your movie date!
Stefani: Shut up. Its not a date. They’re coming over to watch a movie, not to make out or anything.
Anastasia: Oh well, don’t talk too soon. You never know.
Stefani: Oh shut up really, they’re here.
Anastasia: I’ll be in our room.
“Okay” I yelled out as I ran to open the door. Matt was standing there. As cute as always. Next to him was, I’m guessing his friend. “Hi, I’m Oliver.” He said looking at me. He was tall, not as tall as Matt. But tall. He had long-ish black hair, covering a bit of his face. But he was hot. I know I said Matt was cute but this Oliver guy. He is HOT.
I think Matt noticed me staring at his friend and he cut me off.
Matt: So, I got the pizza. What are we watching?
Stefani: Well I got Netflix set up already. What do you wanna watch?
Oliver: Sherlock? 
Stefani: Not a bad suggestion Oliver.
Matt: He is obsessed.
Stefani: Well so am I.
Matt: Okay then. Lets watch Sherlock!
So we sat down on the sofa and watched Sherlock while eating pizza. I noticed after finishing the pizza Matt’s hand was around me. I felt so comfortable that I didn’t want to ever get up. But soon enough Sherlock was over and it was late. Oliver got up the sofa and stretched. You could see his abs over his black shirt. Why am I even noticing all this. Its obvious I like Matt. 
“Amazing night guys. Hey mate, I’ll wait for you in the car” Oliver said as he walked towards the door. He turned around and winked at Matt. I know where this is going.
As soon as Oliver was out Matt got up and I followed him over to the door. Before I even opened the door I felt his hands on my hips. “Next time my place, we’re watching Lord of the Rings!” he said smiling down on me. “Okay.” Was all I could say at that point and he kissed me. He actually kissed me. Maybe Anastasia was right. Was that a date? Well I just smiled at him awkwardly and watched as he made his way over to the car.

\"\" Oliver

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