Misty Veils

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Misty Veils takes place in a futuristic world where freedom is a fictional concept. From the moment you are born, your entire life is laid out before you. Every person is born with and assigned to a specific task which they will be expected to complete throughout their lifetime to help contribute to the growth of society. Surrounding the city in which the story takes place are massive digital walls built centuries ago. Nobody questions their existence or the world beyond and nobody seems to care. All but one lone girl who asks for more than what she's been given; a girl who asks for freedom.

IMPORTANT: This short story may be missing a lot of the important plot elements of a story because it originated from a timed written assessment I did for my advanced 8th grade class a few years ago. The prompt was "a teenager who discovers something" and we were given 40 minutes to come up with and complete a story. Since I wrote the first assessment, I have not changed the story or added onto it.

If you like this story so far and think I should continue, please leave a comment or a like! I might think about turning it into a full-length novel if there is enough demand. ^ - ^

Submitted: April 08, 2014

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Submitted: April 08, 2014



She stepped out into the open pasture; the crisp autumn breeze suddenly vanished and was replaced with angry winds lashing out against her, taking her breath away as the draft rushed in. The air was suddenly changed from crisp and chilling, to being filled with a blanket of humidity and wet warmth. Her every sense was on high alert, every hair on her body reaching out for the sky, as chills ran down her spine and goose bumps decorated her limbs in reaction to the sudden change in atmosphere. She could feel it coming. She contemplated turning around and heading back into town. She wasn’t supposed to be out here. No one knew what lied beyond the haven borders, a secret long forgotten. The walls were never down; it was kept that way to make sure the secret would stay forgotten. Though no one remembered why that was important anymore, it was just the way things had always been. All they knew was that this way of life hidden behind wall, borders, and safe zones hadn’t changed for thousands of years after “it” happened. Yet nobody could remember what “it” was. All anyone could ever guess was that “it” was change, and no one liked change. Well, no one except for her.

She looked out unto the barren lands as curiosity filled her every being and took a step beyond the haven wall.




A strange new feeling overwhelmed her and her lungs seized as every sense inside her body, every instinct screamed in protest, “DANGER! DANGER! TURN BACK!” But she did not. This feeling, she longed for it. She realized that the very moment it touched her lips; she could no longer live without it.


Freedom, at last.


As if a strange force took hold of her every will, she shot forward towards the wasteland, her legs running as fast as they could go away from her problems, her duties, life, everything. She felt as if she could run faster than time itself. She challenged it.


This is what I was born for. This very moment is what I stay alive for. This is a feeling humans were meant to have. Why was it a secret for so long?


She ran faster and faster, the wind whistling in her ears, the humidity heavy on her shoulders, foliage crunching below her. She never wanted to turn back. Her heart was filled with new meaning, the true human experience. It felt like she was reborn. As she looked around the dried-up, black, dead wasteland surrounding her, she thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. It was empty, something she had never seen before. Where she lived before, back in the haven, was a prison to her. She had grown tired of that life; there was nothing left for her there. She would finish high school, and be shipped off to live and work in a factory somewhere, as according to the laws that hadn’t changed since the haven was created. That was no life, there was so much more. She could have been an artist or a doctor, she could have worked taking care of animals, there were so many options, but they weren’t meant for her. Those options were meant for the lucky ones. She was born into the bottom of the social class, and that meant a factory life for her. Her life was meaningless in that place. There was no freedom, your life was decided the moment you were born and from that moment until the day you perished they watched your every move and step. But out here she was a whole new person, and she could do anything she wanted, and nobody could be there to tell her otherwise.

The power failure was a gift to her from somewhere above. The walls protecting the haven border fell giving her the chance she needed so she could escape the life they planned her. She could—would—make her own decisions now. There was a whole world beyond the solitude she left behind.


She had discovered freedom at last.

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