As I Fall Again

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Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



Reach out to the stars and pray that your prayers are real, pray that you can tell fact from fact.
Close your eyes and believe that when you once open again your world will be the same.
Touch the souls you become lost within and translate kind rejection as true love.
Exit your world feeling beautiful only to enter actuality, feeling mortified; ruined.
Voices in your head telling lies you want, only for your ears to hear truth.
With each tear, a blur of your existence, creating shortness of breath.
With each breath, a gasp for air, a hope to inhale scraps of joy.
Our world is our war and we're in it alone; One friend can't do.
How can one watch out for your back while they watch,
Their own? I've become lost in my paranoia yet my,
Paranoia is always right and I get hurt again.
With each cut I make forms a friend,
A friend with a rush of endorphins.
A friend that cuts me deeply.
This life I live has become,
Gray no matter how,
Bright my sight,
Gets. Reality,
Is too much,
For me,

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