As She Sings

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Every joy comes with pain.

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011




As she walked,
She sang.
Sang her heart out,
For everyone to hear,
For everyone to see,
How broken she was.
She sang,
As she walked,
But then she noticed,
Something perceptual.
The faces were disapproving,
As she sang.
She began to sing silently,
In desire of someone,
Someone curious,
To listen,
Someone curious,
To see that she was broken.
A Brute came along,
Abruptly and sly.
He asked her about the songs,
Asked her to sing more.
She fell in love,
He did too,
With a plan more reprobate;
He was not in love with her,
But of the sounds of her voice,
She sang her heart to him,
Yet he took something else.
Shortly he left.
Taking two things,
One of which he did not desire.
One morning she woke up,
She felt two things missing,
She sang,
But no sound.
She sang,
With no heart.
And she realized,
How naive she had been.
He never wanted her,
Needed her like he promised.
She walks,
As she sings.
People still look at her strangely.
She sings and no one hears,
No one will ever hear.
Her voice has perished.

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