Avec Amour

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We've got what it takes to go the distance.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



I've opened my heart searching for any repairs. I've done away with all of the dusty anxieties I've once had. For this feeling I've felt is oh so familiar yet a stranger, for it has been too long for my liking. I think of you and know you are mine. I think of you and levitate with sweet felicity. For this feeling I've felt with less intensity, but with you, as I reminisce on the beauty of your soul, can't help but burst. I can't help but give depression its misery back with a sure plan of no returning. My lips have sealed away the escaped word 'love' and still you held down my wrists and injected its beauty right back into my streams of glory.

I'm fighting to figure out what is happening, surrendering to the spirits of no time becoming intoxicated and light-headed with purity, with restored innocence I thought was far gone. For my entity has been replaced with someone so fresh and beautiful, so fast, so quickly, that my body trembles and shakes. Purges to make sure the final sorrow dissipates. Cries with essence, realizing that this new me is so full of positive force. Cries with satisfactory in acknowledgement that it's here to stay. That moment you looked at me, I knew our psyche crossed unexplained and forbidden boundaries that could kill the normal with its aura.

My mind tries to frolic with the lines of, "What if he isn't?" and instantly my certainty accepts the fact that you are indeed without a doubt mine. Logic rings me with awareness that I barely know you and at the same time I know everything. There's a divine justice within you that I let go with no tension, no hesitation, without forcing. Am I diving into a pile of crisp knives blindly? Or sturdy pillows full of scented feathers?

I do not know what the outcome shall be, but as I fall now, I'll continue to enjoy the uncontrollable butterflies that whiplashes me with ravishment. All because of you.

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