Black Ghosts

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Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



I remember everything.

The way your voice roughly cracked when you were excited. The way you would pretend to talk to me like you caught sight of a cute dog and how I'd hate to laugh at you, knowing you were teasing me.

The way you made my body tingle as you would feed off a tone of want that soothed my ears. I remember your smile from a distance and oh how you'd hate that I called you handsome yet you would still blush like a doll.

I remember the enjoyment of staring at you from a far,
watching your muscular long legs entertain themselves as you would slouch in a chair, bored. I enjoyed the flaunting I provided you as I'd strike a familiar pose that would automatically get you going, no matter where we were.

The evilness with which you presented upon made me passionate...
I knew your secret,
You DID love,
You loved me.

Together we were in a world where we embraced our inceptions. Where we held each other up from tears, saved each other from drowning.

But then I woke up.
Into a nightmare.
I was in a cage and you looked at me,
Pointing and laughing.

You had me where you thought I needed to be.

You sheltered me with your ego and rage,

Fell before you,
Crying and crying.
Yet I never got the strength to convince you to stay.
You didn't want to.

Now you're dead,
[In my eyes]
Still your past haunts me into the ground.

I mourn.
I fight.

Trying to reach the surface of earth from the hell you put me in.

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