Chase the Ruiner

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Do you listen to the deaf ear or see in darkness?

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



Something inexplicable marks the path of our beings.
Roller-coasters of highs and lows, you either get use to it or you forever hold your stomach full of acids.

Your brain must be stronger than your eyes.
Signals in your sight can blind you of the excellence this life will never offer you.

It's what it's all about.
Don't think you can contain it, because you won't.

Soar through life as if unicorns and fairies exist when in reality you stare at the closed door of possibilities.
Is it fear that holds the key from your freedom or your ignorance?
Silly little fool with your hand waiting to be filled, but instead it's cut off.

Now you're disabled, struggling from the realization that the hole you dug, thinking it was for someone else, was in actuality for yourself.
Are you going to lay down and take it like a slave?
Or stand to tear your perfect little dream into something subtle and pathetic?

Do you feel it?
Summer is here to enrage you with agony and frustration, to watch you sweat failure.
What about now?
Do you feel winter freezing your insides with melancholy making you hollow, slowing the beat of your existence?

Wake up Dorothy, you're no longer in a dream, you no longer have a home.

Reconnect to self destruct to only start over again.
Does your head hurt yet from the hallucinations you hide yourself in?

The sickness has tamed you, the only question is....
Can you stop it?

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