Clean Cut

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Motivational song: Goodnight, Travel Well by The Killers

Submitted: April 15, 2010

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Submitted: April 15, 2010



All the words,
Your words,
Are no good,

For me now.

All your love,
Has been emptied,

Within my soul.

My Nervous System,

Has crashed.

For I am on autopilot,
Cruising through life.
I look in your lifeless eyes,
I could tell you felt pity,
But I knew deep down,

You didn't care.

For my cries for you,

Are a sin.

Even the God of mercy,
Has deafened his ears towards me.
I've held my wrist,
Waiting for blood,
To drip on the floor.
I thought I was crazy,

For wanting to live.

I feel I am sane,

For yearning pain.

I'm fighting,
And fighting,
But I'm only,
Fighting myself.

No one is here.

No one is Love.

The day you left,

Is the day I rusted.

I use to pretend,
I was happy,
With a tempting,

Fake smile.

But now,
I would be deceivingly,
Telling the truth,
With that same front.
Don't worry,
No one notices,
For it seems,
The day you stopped,
Paying attention,
Is the day,
The rest of,

The world did.

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