Color Me Brown

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Oh how I love sensing you near.

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



This touch that you taste creates an inexplicably smothering boundary around us.
This taste that you touch shatters me with such erection.

That smell that I feel intertwines my body delightfully with such graceful effort.
That feel that you smell when our bodies are close in yards but our souls close in millimeters.

The sight you hear of my glow when I see you, even when mother nature has beaten me down.
The hearing of your sight when you smile that cursedly smile, creating my mind to no longer think but only you.

The thought of an action, on my knees looking up at your smile.
The action of that thought come true when you hold onto me and hesitate to let go.

With sweet voices come bitter words of all lies.
With bitter words hide truth to what your sweet voice implies.

One day, your lips will be mine to ravish with my body.
One day, your hands will touch the only thing that matters most.

You know what we want.
I know what you need.

So please,
Be with me.

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