Dead By Tomorrow

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I was so alone doing this.

Submitted: September 28, 2008

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Submitted: September 28, 2008



I had to learn to let everyone go,
And stop carrying the weight of the world.
No one cares and that's ok,
I'm to die alone anyway.
Treat me like trash and throw me away,
I keep feeling this burning feeling everyday.
Shake it off and still no one knows, that I destroyed the key,
To my locked door.
I locked it up nice and tight,
So no one will sneak in my room tonight.
Hate and no love in my veins,
Is that why people find me insane?
I have no flesh,
It's all covered in wounds,
I have nothing to help,
Do you know what to do?
Life is like a storm,
Throw me off the deck,
Do you think I will make it?
I have something inside that needs to tell,
I'm starting to believe I'm in a burning hell.
I dance seductive to make it go away,
Then slow motion takes its pace.
My body says come and get me,
But I say go,
I can't control it anymore.
This beast within,
I really hate this thing!
Why is it making me this way now,
That strong voice that will make me bow down.
When I stop dancing, everything never goes well,
I know now this is no fairy-tale.
I want to know what's wrong with me.
But no one understands why I'm unhappy.
I look to the left and then the right.
Then again,
I have this fright.
It's the beast to come back for more,
Treating me like a stupid whore.
All drained out,
I can't move.
And still it comes again,
Leaving me with nothing to prove.
Enough of the pain,
Enough of the sorrow,
No one cares,
That I will be dead tomorrow...

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