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Lost within you. Lost within me.

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



Surreptitiously wails,
Become seethed with,

Impairing anything in sight,
To be released.

Suppressant once held strong;

Immediately my barriers become,
Simply shattered.

My knees get weak with broken.
My emotions become consumed.

This poison within my stomach,
Soon becomes a stew,
Of every spec of feeling.

My Eidolon appears within my face.
Hungry with arousal.
Arousal so strong,
I too feel.

I begin to quiver,
At the gentle exquisite hands,
All over me with tender comfort.

Eyes so hollow,
We overtake our thoughts.

I begin to whimper and whine,
At the agony of my misfortunes,
But I soon become muffled.

Venom within my lips,
You nurse and absorb,
Through yours,
Installing great,
Heated passion in return.

Indulging you,
I obstruct from halting.

My heart is hindered,
Yet my mind is frantic.
I want this,
I want you,
I love you.

I can't,
This hurt is too much,
Please love me,
Please let go.

You flow into me.
Breathe into me.

Pleasuring my insanity away.
Increasing it with worry.

What was once so smooth and soft,
Became quick with violence.

Tearing my undergarments,
I am forced to be one with you.
My thighs beneath your nails,
Send tingles deep in my soul,
Making me moan in greed,
Making you pant for more.

As our hands are intertwined,
Raised above our heads,
Raging passion instills.

Our cries,
Our moans,

Much louder than our bodies fighting.
Fighting with great speed and ruthless power.

I weep at the excruciating bliss.
Suffer from losing my body to the battle of,
Numbing pleasure.

For I have become a glutton.
The more you bare fruit,
The more I want your sweet seeds.
Bursting with juice as a pomegranate,
Sweet as honey.

For I become expelled,
With the final release,
Of this abnormality,
We have formed.

My soul rotates all around,
In a grateful light high,
Extinguishing the curse,
Once set out to destroy me.

I enjoy your anesthesia,
Like no one else's.

Causing me to greet death with no fear.
Greet death with you to honor me.

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