Fantasy; To Never Occur

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My fantasy of how I want you to treat me... you know who you are.

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



Caress my delicate hair,
As I rest my head on your voluptuous thighs,
Breathing in your peaceful aura.
Firmly hold my hand,
While we walk the lover's stroll,
Taking advantage of God's little creations.
I beg of you,
Do not whisper sweet little nothings in my ear.
Hum stories of life,
Inner thoughts.
Share your greatest fears.
Show me you care.
Not taking me in vain,
Prove to me you are not ready to lose me.
Take care of me;
My inner,
Beautifully vulnerable creature,
And I'll nurture you.
Embrace me in your presence,
See our future in your dreams.
Make me laugh when I cry,
Slap me when I shout,
Notice me.
Read me better than a book,
Fill me in when I am not colored,
Be true with me.
Cloud me with your arts,
Hint a map of discovery,
"Why You're Different"
Let me see you in bloom,
Naive as a boy.
Tell me your dreams.
Never, please never,
Go outside your element of embarrassment; Shame.
Maybe this is why,
I can not love you.
Realize that I am here today,
But gone tomorrow.

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