Hurting Suicide

Status: Finished

Hurting Suicide

Status: Finished

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Hurting Suicide

Poem by: ToLoveIsToHate


Genre: Poetry



I dance where no one sees.


I dance where no one sees.


Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010



I want to float,
I want to soar.
Far far away.

I want to feel loved,
I want to feel happy,
I want to feel complete,
I don't want to feel at all.

I want to scream,
I want to cry,
I want to lean on someone,

[I want so many things]
[But never get what I need]
[What I need is what I want]
[What I want is what I need]

But I have no where... no one.
I want to disappear,
I want people to wonder.
When they find me,
They will see me gracefully lying there...

I want to take a closer look,
See through the world,
For what it really is.
But the world doesn't see me,
That's what hurts the most.

When you find me I will smile,
There will be a note,
And it will say,
Throw me away.

Don't stop now,
I know it's easy,
Let me go,
You know you never knew me.

You see me,
But do you see me?
You know me,
But can you feel me?

I'm not sick,
Just wounded,
I'm not insane,
Just lonely.

I'm dying,
In a street,
Where everyone passes me by,
Afraid to fix the broken.

I inhale everyone's pain,
Exhale fortune.
I see what I want to be,
But I have no way of getting there.

I'm a monster,
A freak,
I have no one but me,
I just want to be free.

I want memories,
I want only smiles,
I want someone to be in love with me,
I want someone to know who I am.

© Copyright 2016 ToLoveIsToHate. All rights reserved.

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