I Am No Heartbreaker

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Submitted: June 05, 2010

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Submitted: June 05, 2010



I miss the summer breeze,
Like a breath of warmth between my knees.

I miss with you,

The morning nights,

Where half of your face,
Shinned within the light.

I miss the smell,
Of the crisp rains scent.
Memories of our lips,
Are forever meant.

Where the laugh and play,
Were a continuous run,
In bed our love,
Was never done.

Where we talked and talked,
Dreaming of our land,
Oh how we slept,
Holding precious hands.

Oh the nights of darkness,
Our face so hidden,
I love you very much,
Even though we're forbidden....

Days went on,
You set me free,
You knew this is how,
I didn't want it to be.

You didn't care,
I was only your dare.
My dreams so unfulfilled,
Extinguished with no trace of flare.

I am your hurt,
I feel your pain,
Oh what is life without me,
Without you to gain.

I sleep of dying my love,
Do you know?
Is this really how we were suppose to go?

I need you my love,
Couldn't you see?
Why were you ever even with me?

Now my dreams are dying my love,
It's oh so blue,
What am I going to do,

Now that I don't have you?

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