I Must Know

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Can anybody tell me?

Submitted: May 09, 2010

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Submitted: May 09, 2010



Why do we want things we can't have,
But never take the things we need?

Why are we willing to die for a stranger,
But not willing to die for our enemy?

Why do we say we love,
But feel the opposite?

How is it that I am able to remember the pain,
Yet feel nothing at all?

Why do people ask 'how are you',
When they don't really care?

Why can't we let our yes mean yes,
And our no no?

Why is it so easy to fall into snares of a liar,
Yet have a blind side for those who genuinely love us most?

Why is it that a guy can filthy a girl,
But a girl can't filthy a guy?

Why is it that we can forget the good,
But remember the most pain?

Why do we want to hit someone,
Even though we know that after we do it,
They'll still stay the same?

Why do we want love so badly,
But runaway when we find it?

Why do so many people believe,
Sex is love and love is sex?

Why is it that high school is superficial,
And college is backstabbing?

Why are people,
So blind to desire?

Why do people ignore the fact,
That everyone needs love and honesty?

How is it that people can know me for so long,
But not know a single thing about me?

I'll die wondering,
Won't I?

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