Interview With A Loner

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Based on a true story.

Submitted: December 25, 2009

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Submitted: December 25, 2009



Reporter: So how long have you been Mrs. Lonely?

Mrs. Lonely: Since I was fertilized and before my forefathers[smiles].

Reporter: [laughs a little]And how long have you been married to Mr. Lonely?

Mrs. Lonely: May 12th, 2009.

Reporter: And why, after all this time decide to marry?

Mrs. Lonely: For a while now, I've always forsaken my true nature, my heritage, my inhabitant.

Reporter: Have you benefited any?

Mrs. Lonely: Do anyone benefit with a person that they are forced to accept? Only to have to live with them? Especially if you still hate them.

Reporter: So why not keep running from your destiny of doom?

Mrs. Lonely: My destiny is my reality with which I am surrounded in. Even if I did run forever, I couldn't. I could be the best running athlete in the world and be completely perfect at doing it, but I will tire out eventually.

Reporter: I see... So how did you and Mr. Lonely meet?

Mrs. Lonely: Well we really didn't meet because at one time I was with Happy, but he found me, intriguing me, promising me that I would have even more fun, even better time than anything on earth and like a mouse I took the trap, only to be crushed in half.

Reporter: Quick death huh?

Mrs. Lonely: [laughs/chuckles] No.

Reporter: [looking confused] Why not?

Mrs. Lonely: I survived. The trap didn't get the fair part of me like it should have, so now I'm stuck suffering, dying, wishing I were already dead.

Reporter:[about to say something but is cut off]

Mrs. Lonely: You know what the worst death is?

Reporter: Being tortured?

Mrs. Lonely: No, being alive enough to realize you're dying, realizing you've made a mistake that cost your life. Most dead people may sleep peacefully because their death was merciful enough to not let them realize how naive they really were. I on the other hand, not so fortunate.

Reporter: So you live life regretting a lot?

Mrs. Lonely: Oh of course, but it's ok, that's who made me who I am. Live, learn, teach.

Reporter: Interesting, I have one last question that will take up the rest of our time together.

Mrs. Lonely: Shoot.

Reporter: If you were to die tomorrow[is cut off again]

Mrs. Lonely: FINALLY die yes?

Reporter: [hesitates a little] W-what would you say to Mr. Lonely? Be brutally honest.

Mrs. Lonely: Don't worry I will...[takes a deep breath] If I were to finally die tomorrow I would tell Mr. Lonely that he doesn't know me and will never know me the way Happy knew me. He will never be able to reach me as much as Happy did, as far as I'm concerned anyway. I pray that all is changed tomorrow but always comes to no prevail. I'd tell him that I wish you wouldn't have loved material possessions more than me, pride more than me...[starts to speak with her eyes closed, as she tries not to cry] I wish..[her voice is breaking] I wish that I could do all the things that Mistress could for you. I wish you could look at me the way you look at her. I wished that you would put away all your fears and doubts away and love me the way you promised. I regret ever meeting you because I know that you are more than what you put out and you wont let me see it. I wish I wasn't such a fool in love letting you expose me so softly, so swiftly. I wish you could love me the way I needed to be. I'm dying and it's your fault because you can't give me the little bit of water I need to bloom into what you want most. It's mostly my fault because I stick around for change. I wish I didn't let you do the things you've done to me, making me feel like a dirty whore, a used sponge. I wish you didn't abandon me when I needed you most. I wish I never allowed myself to screw myself over with Happy just to be with YOU. I wish so badly that you could really see me, know me, care to know me, and treat me the way you know I want to be treated...[stops and silently cries but continues] you told me that you were going to give me your heart, all of you, but you lied and now all I want is for you to admit it and you wont.. I wish you realized how much I need you to live and how much I changed just for you and only you. I just want you to know that I'd die for you and your love and I'd let myself be tortured by you... I've always wanted one thing from you that you can give but never give me... why don't you give it to me... it's just as simple as my love for you... you ask so much, with so many rules... and to live my death with certain I just want one thing that you refuse to give because of your uncomfort...[just cries]

Reporter: [says weakly] thank you...

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