King of the Underworld

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What ever candy he gives, I shall take.

Submitted: May 23, 2010

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Submitted: May 23, 2010



There is a man that takes me to a world that I know I shouldn't go. He jerks my brain with his incoherence and mystery, I know he's critical. When I read his work I can't help but to wonder if all the things in which he writes are really just a thick layer of his inner being.

  For this man fills me up, and I forever want more. He never ceases to shock me with his outstanding vocabulary and oh how he makes his mind seem sick yet he is the sanest person I know. He fingers with my brain like a drug and even when I stop taking him in I always stay addicted. He makes my heart clash, my palms sweat, and my body so vacillate, so obscene.

  With what ever he speaks entices me to this beautifully dark world I'm always afraid of, but love to enter. And when I see his words, over and over, I become lost in his fantasy, wet with my passion and my desire turns into obsession. This man who only views me as a dirty slave, woes my world to the max, always making it interesting to watch and see what happens next. For this man is not just an ordinary man but he is almost a mere god.

  With just a touch or a glance, I climax into immaculate satisfaction that everyone can see. For this excluded man completes me, makes me whole. I want to know everything about him. Purely take in his full world. I want to see the dangers within his own hurt.

  I want to see the boundary in which way he loves. An intellectual I am dealing with, for I can not play my petty mind games with him. I hate to love how he opens me, reads me like a book and takes every word of me, makes it into his own, and dissects every cell, reorganizing it into something wonderfully filthy. I want him to fuck me like a dog, get rid of his every ounce of lust.

  I want to make love to him, hold me like it will be the last. I want to contain this dark beauty and hold it for my own keeping's. For I know nothing about him but when he speaks I know everything. I want this beast for myself.

  I want to capture him and all his glory, give him a reason to gain all his strength. I want him to torture me, mind, body, and soul, I want him hard, all the way in. I want control. I want to feast on his brain.

I want to live inside his head.

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