Love Thicker Than Blood

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Only for that special someone...

Submitted: October 05, 2008

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Submitted: October 05, 2008



All these poems,
Oh so sad,
You're finally with me,
Now I'm glad.
It's been so long,
I missed your touch,
Now I can sleep,
Now I wont fuss.
You don't even know,
What you do to me,
Love is so strong,
I couldn't leave you be.
So pretty girl,
Beautiful lost eyes,
I can finally protect you,
No more running from peoples lies.
Me and you,
That's all it will be,
We finally did it,
We're finally free.
Can't wait for your kiss,
That's something I miss.
Can't wait for your hug,
That's something I love.
I've got your heart,
I think I knew from the start.
You have mine,
And I love that too,
It's like an obsession,
To be with only you.
You're just so great,
Nothing about you is fake.
I could go on forever,
I can say so many lines,
But I don't want to spend up too much of your time.
Spend it with me,
I don't care,
Let's go on a plane,
And be in the air.
Where no one can see us,
Exchange our loving lust,
Because it's so special,
Because it's a must...
I know you well,
You know me too,
You know this poem is all about you.

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