Mr. Anonymous

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Fantasy about a man.

Submitted: March 09, 2010

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Submitted: March 09, 2010




Beautiful man from the skull to the toes. Hair softer than feathers, shine as gold. Run small fingers through it and become lost in its delicacy. Skin content yet elegant. Radiant alluring gray eyes. Eyes of a wolf, on the surface cold. Take a closer look and there stands a child born of divine nature. Apparent jaw, so tender. Shoulders of a bodybuilder; strong like structure. Fragile looking arms, bulky hands. So wide, so fulfilling, the sight of a hard worker, so sensitively amorous. Statued abs, tough as rock, cut like a diamond, with a heart so mild. A waist no one may resist, but anything below is for sure my mystery.


Captivating charm, on and off in a blink of an eye. Always touching vibrantly, with lips full of Pancuronium Bromide. Invigoratingly assertive, passionately gentle. Breath so heavy, warmly fresh. So thick, fitting so tight. Thrusts full of powerful affection. Proficiently adventurous. Motion picture, obscure. Enduring. Astonishing, for my mind, perplexed, from a monstrous moment of pleasure. Full.


Understanding yet firm, no foolishness is allowed. Sympathetic, not stupid, for he can see right from wrong. Never low, never arrogant, praiseworthy is his goal. Takes the dying soul and attends it, my oh my is the man with such instinct. Sweet like honey. Cheery, just a smile. A magnetic bond presented within us. No force shall pull us away. The best friend. The great lover. The outgoing. The open minded. The Free Soul. The core of me.

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