My Embasement

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Submitted: September 29, 2009

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Submitted: September 29, 2009



You want to step to me,
Get on your knees.
Want to fill me with profanity,
Taste the blood in your mouth.
You want to screech at me,
I shall choke you to a close.
Don't get too haughty,
I'll be forced to humble you.
Come at me in vain,
I shall come at you with a knife.
For you think you know it all,
(you may not be right)
For you think you have it all,
(I can fix that)
For I am the voice inside your head,
(reject me, go on, do it)
For I am forever in your veins,
(like acid, like Crank)
Go on say you're the best,
(please oh please let me fix it)
And when I annihilate you,
(defile you, rape you, inflict torture on you)
We shall see who is the real cretin,
(you are, you are)
For I love to see,
(oh do I love to see)
Your pathetic cold body,
Oozing with your disgusting blood,
(in a pile of repugnant aversion, filth)
As I lick you from my knife,
Rage whispers a harsh,
I told you so.
(yes I told you)

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